Why work with us?

Our company builds the most robust and secure platform for connecting lawyers with their clients and vice versa. To support this, we gather the best minds in Cebu and put them together in a space where they can shine and be more empowered to be their best selves. Here are the benefits and perks that contribute to our team’s happiness, and in turn, LegalMatch’s success.

1. Competitive salaries and benefits

Our employees’ compensation package is higher than tech industry average in the Philippines.

2. Focus on family

Family is important to us, which is why we’re flexible when it comes to people’s needs for their families. From allowing work from home when needed for family reasons to PTO and other special arrangements for those that need it, our support extends not just to employees but to their families too. We think people should not have to choose between work and family. Both are equally important.

3. Paid leaves on start of employment

All employees will already start accruing prorated sick leaves and vacation leaves on the start of their employment at LegalMatch.

4. Comprehensive medical plans

We offer medical and health plans that cover most types of care requirements and extend to the employees’ dependent starting from day 1 of their employment.

5. Focus on professional development

LegalMatch is keen on building a blueprint for personal and team success through trainings and initiatives that support the professional growth of our employees.

6. Semi-flexible schedule

With our semi-flexible working hours, we are able to cater to the working needs of everyone, may they be owls or fowls.

7. Lots of food!

The key to happiness at work is unlimited food because few things are as simply satisfying as free food! LegalMatch ensures there is free lunch every week and lots of available snacks for everyone all the time.

8. Great working environment

LegalMatch is full of talented individuals and exceptional teams working together in a friendly environment and making good use of the company’s state-of-the-art facilities.

9. Great location

LegalMatch’s new office is situated in a very convenient location in Cebu Business Park, a prime business and recreation district in Cebu. It is right across Ayala Center and just beside the PUV terminal. This gives easy access to restaurants, banks, supermarkets, and other commercial establishments in the vicinity.