3 Not-So-Cheap Yet Effective Ways to Boost Social Media Conversion Rate

3 Not-So-Cheap Yet Effective Ways to Boost Social Media Conversion Rate

Turning your social media followers (and targeted audience) into loyal, paying customers is a business’ main goal for using social media platforms. There’s a lot of free (albeit limited) tools and online services you can use to boost your business’ social media conversion rate. Additionally, you also have the option to learn the basics of online marketing and website design so you can do it yourself.

However, there’s a lot of room for error, and it may only take one costly mistake to ruin your online marketing campaign. As such, we’ll be discussing certain “investment options” you can take to immediately and effectively boost your social media conversion rate:

#1 Optimize Your Website’s Landing Page and Device Compatibility

Once your customer clicks on the link on your social media post, it should bring them to a landing page that seamlessly continues where they left off (i.e. if your post is about getting to know more about a particular product, the landing page should link them directly to a landing page that does so). This would be easy to do if you only have a few products or promotions, but if you’re operating on a wider scale, you may need to invest in better tools (or hire a dedicated staff to manage all this).

More importantly, you should ensure that the landing page (and the website as a whole) is compatible with all devices regardless of the screen resolution. As such, you’ll definitely want to hire a website designer or invest in a website creation tool to ensure device compatibility.

#2 Offer Social Media-Exclusive Deals and Freebies

This is arguably the easiest and cheapest way to boost your business’ social media marketing campaign. By offering promo codes or linking your posts to exclusive landing pages, you won’t only be attracting potential customers, but you’d also help your business social media page gain more followers/subscribers — social media exclusives can motivate potential customers to subscribe to your page so they won’t miss out on future promos. This could range from a simple discount, to freebies, or free shipping. Additionally, you could also have promos that require customers to share a certain post (or tag their friends in it) to boost your social media page and, subsequently, your brand’s exposure.

#3 Hire the Sales and Marketing Pros

Online marketing and sales professionals can help you create quality content, optimize your social media’s sales funnel marketing strategy, and turn your business’ social media account into an effective and sustainable sales magnet. While it may be the more expensive option, you can do away with guesswork, minimize costly marketing errors, and allow yourself to focus on other aspects of your business — making it a worthwhile investment. In fact, businesses such as LegalMatch are hiring sales analysts to further improve and sustain their lead generation and conversion.

The Bottom Line

While it does save you a lot of money to do your social media marketing on your own, or with the use of free tools, spending money (or minimizing your profit by providing discounts/deals) to boost your conversion rate is a worthwhile investment.

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