4 New Evolving Careers for Geeks

4 New Evolving Careers for Geeks

Graduation is over and you’re stuck at home trying to figure out what to do with your life.


Real world is scary. It’s not like in high school where your mom prepares your breakfast and gives you money for shopping and what not. To be a full-fledged adult, you need to make a living in order to support yourself financially. On the other hand, you’re afraid you’re not going to land your dream job or perhaps you truly have no idea which career path to take.


Stop overthinking and consider some of these careers.


Data Scientist

Corporations are done with guessing and would love to know the data itself. They want to make sure that their progress is measured with real numbers rather than unreliable estimates. As a result, more and more vacancies have opened to those who are well-versed in operating data and technology. Because data science is a modern job that have just recently evolved, not everyone has the guts or skills to get in resulting in a higher demand. That said, the salary for data scientists are also higher. See, money and geeky things can go hand in hand.


Esports Player

The professional scene of gaming is now on the rise. No wonder more and more high school or college graduates are eager to enter the industry. Electronic sports or simply known as Esports is almost surpassing the fandom of traditional sports such as football or basketball. For sure, all those hours your parents scolded you for playing too much online games such as Dota 2 or League of Legends will finally be put to good use.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Are you good both in business and technology? Perhaps digital marketing is the right field for you. In the past, marketing and advertising isn’t exactly what you call a job for nerds. While it may be a job for geniuses and smart people, it isn’t what people picture out as something cool for pop culture. However, the marketing industry nowadays have evolved and is now a branch of technology careers. Most marketing experts are trying to keep up with new trends in technology but more often than not, it seems like it’s a job for millennial marketers because of their knack of technology.


Game Streamer

Even individuals with full-time jobs are also fond of streaming their plays online. With streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming, video game streaming is accessible to everyone. If you like to entertain through playing games and earning at the same time, this career path is for you. Just a word of advice: have a stable means of income and do this on the side at first as it won’t pay you yet until you’ve established a decent amount of viewers and subscribers.


Who says geeks are just shut-ins who do not care about the world? 


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