4 Tell-Tale Signs your Workplace is Toxic

4 Tell-Tale Signs your Workplace is Toxic

Taking home a big, fat check each month doesn’t compensate the fact that your workplace is toxic.


Oftentimes, we get so used to our daily routines that we barely notice the important things. Working in a toxic environment can be detrimental to your health and is therefore not an ideal place to be in. You may be earning well, but in the long run, you’re going to burn out and may possibly be facing even bigger problems like health complications or ending your career for good. 


Workplace culture can affect us mentally and emotionally no matter how we detach personal lives from work. Most of our time are spent in the office so it’s crucial to be in a place where you feel at ease. That’s not to imply that work should be perfectly comfortable. It’s inevitable that work can stress us out sometimes, however, when it goes to extremes like getting migraines each day may be red flags that you are in a toxic workplace. Here are the 4 obvious signs that you should look for.


Gossip Culture

There is nothing wrong in interacting with coworkers and your bosses. However, there are times where interaction involves 100% gossiping about people’s lives. If your officemates have nothing better to talk about other than so and so getting pregnant or this and that broke up with his girlfriend, then this is a sign that you’re working in a toxic environment. Gossip may seem fun and exciting at first but later on it will train your mind to be negative with people all the time. Negativity and stress is all you can gain from gossiping.



Whether it’s your boss or your close friend at work, constant disrespect at work is a warning sign that you have a toxic work environment. You don’t have to be bossy and demand to be treated like royalty but you should have enough self respect to walk away when respect is not there. People who intentionally treat you with disrespect repeatedly do not deserve to be respected as well. 


Fear Of Going To Work

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous on your first week at work, but when it exceeds to months or even years, this may be a warning signal that you have to pay attention to. Sleepless nights, sweating palms, palpitations that are caused by anxiety each time you think about work, you should immediately leave that work for your own sake. If this phenomenon continues for years, it can cause serious health conditions that may be hard to recover from.


Inconsiderate Boss

Your boss may not yell at you or scorn you, but if that boss doesn’t care about improving situations in the office to make the environment healthier and more comfortable, then it may be because they don’t care at all. It may be that you have asked for a small raise after working for the company for so many years now but your boss don’t seem to bother. For your sake, you shouldn’t even consider working for this people who only care about themselves.


Human beings have a natural instinct. If you feel constantly stressed out in your workplace, it may be best to find one that cares more about people.


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