5 Easy Ways We can have a Positive Attitude at Work

5 Easy Ways We can have a Positive Attitude at Work

It’s not easy to be happy all the time. Negative emotions are a part of life and therefore does not indicate a person’s character. Constant feeling of happiness is just downright unrealistic. When the time comes where you feel angry or sad, there are a few things you can do such as changing your environment, choosing your companion, or controlling how you react. Cliche as it may sound, but the only thing you can control is you. People will say what they want to, act how they want to, which is why you should not try to change them. If their behavior bothers you, do something about it in a constructive manner.

Despite feeling negative emotions at work, how do you keep a positive and a healthy attitude?

    1. Change Your Environment

      Perhaps the main factor that’s keeping you from being positive at work is your work environment. Does your workplace have poor ventilation? Is it located in an unsafe neighborhood? If it isn’t the environmental factor that stresses you out, perhaps it’s the work culture and management. No matter how you try to pretend to have a positive attitude towards work if you don’t get to the root of the problem, you will end up exhausted and miserable.



  • Fall In Love With Your Life

    Your career doesn’t define who you are as a person. You can switch jobs from time to time and still be the same person. That said, your focus in life shouldn’t be on your career but with how you live your life. Sure, we all want to be successful, but isn’t that a little subjective? What may be considered as success by others may not always be the same as yours. So, what does it truly mean to love and live life? Simple as it may sound, but you only have to do what you love to do. Imagine yourself as a child, what could your younger self have wished to do without the bias of society or your peers? Think switching jobs from time to time is not for you? Keep doing what you’re doing but remember to put your own happiness first. Probably the main reason why we put all our efforts into our careers and not our lives is because of our reputation. The society has placed too much attention on what a person does for a living in order to be respected. Don’t let toxic society and mentality keep you from living your life. Remember, it’s your life, not theirs. Whatever you want to do, don’t forget to find something exciting to look forward to.




  • Ditch Social Media

    Sometimes, selfies may feel like the most important thing in the world. People want proof where you’ve been or what you’ve had for dinner or it didn’t happen. Real successful people do not brag what they have or what they do for a living just so that they can please people. You will spend your lifestyle dissatisfied and unhappy if you keep comparing your life to perfectly curated photos on Instagram. When you go to work, all you think about is how life is unfair and you’ll never truly enjoy and live in the moment. There are some people who may think that not having a Facebook or a Twitter account makes you a creepy person with no identity – let them be. Social media is not evil per se but if your grumpy attitude towards work and towards life has become alarming, it’s time to change your habits, especially online. There are other online community alternatives that you might want to consider if you still like feeling connected such as Reddit or Quora. Bonus: you can even pick up valuable learnings each day.




  • Be Free

    Oftentimes, we behave the way we do or feel the way we do because we’re careful about how others would react. If people don’t care about you that they make you feel bad about yourself, why should you care about them? The only person who can put shackles on you is not your father, not your spouse, not your boss – it’s you. Whatever it is that you do, do not feel like you’re a prisoner. Be free to be happy. You don’t owe anyone an explanation on how you should live your life. If you do so, you’ll feel much lighter whether you’re at work, at home, or having a luxury vacation. Be honest about what you feel. If what you do for a living gives you daily migraines – quit. The only way you can feel freedom is the moment you decide to be honest with yourself and the people around you.




  • Work In A Place Where You Feel Valuable

    Does your current boss make you feel unsure about yourself all the time? Then it’s time to leave that boss. Find another workplace where your voice and your presence matters. You don’t have to feel like VIP or the Star of the Night all the time, but feeling like your efforts are recognized would help you become happier at work thus increasing your productivity. A fat paycheck may not all be that matters when you want to have a long-lasting, happier career. What matters is that you feel happier with yourself and the people you’re working with.Treat yourself with enough self respect to know when to walk away when respect is no longer served despite doing your part.




It’s time to be positive at work and be the best version of yourself.

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