7 Cheap, Geeky Ways to Spend Weekends Indoors

7 Cheap, Geeky Ways to Spend Weekends Indoors

Cost is the biggest factor that affects how we spend long vacations, holidays, or weekends.


Programmers, they say, earn a lot these days. However, that doesn’t change the fact that their budget is limited. That said, programmers also need to control their money without sacrificing leisure. While not all programmers are geeks or nerds, at least there are some who are. Geeks may not exactly be how they are portrayed in pop culture and Hollywood but they sure do have several interests that are in common.


As a geeky programmer, how do you spend your long weekends or holiday breaks without breaking the bank?


Video Games

Obviously, this is the one common interest the majority of programmers in the world have. Playing video games is a great way to stimulate your imagination while controlling you from overspending on random luxury trips or splurging in the mall. If you’re the competitive type, video games can be the gateway craft that allows you to show off your competitiveness in a healthier way. Problem-solving skills, coordination, and creativity can also be acquired from playing video games.


Comic Books

Hate reading novels? Indulge yourself into reading comic books instead. There are a great variety of comic books in bookstores, hobby shops, or online. You don’t have to limit yourself to popular household names such as DC or Marvel, there are also Japanese manga, historical comic books, or even the funnies.



Hulu, Amazon Prime, or your local cable. Watching TV shows or movies is not entirely a passive, non-stimulating activity. You can try joining online communities like Letterboxd or Reddit and see what others have to say about the show you just watched. Better yet, write your own opinions. Invite your geeky friends over if you feel bored watching alone. Sci-fi and superheroes may be the most popular TV show or movie genre for most nerds but it doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to that. Horror or slashers are also becoming quite popular amongst geeky individuals nowadays. In addition, anime is one popular genre for geeks worldwide.


Cosplay Costumes

Planning to attend Comic Con this year? Get your creative juices flowing while getting your hands moving by making your own cosplay costume. If you haven’t tried cosplaying in the past but would love to, then this is the perfect time to begin. You can cosplay any character you want – be it video game characters, anime characters, or superheroes – you have a variety of options to choose from. People are encouraged to be themselves. But if you can be someone cool for a day, cosplay is your best chance.


Nerd, geek, dweeb, otaku, or whatever you’d like to call yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. What do you do on weekends?


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