Data Science for Beginners

Data Science for Beginners

Data rules the business, technology, and economy nowadays.

That being said, the demand for data scientists, engineers, and data analysts around the world has skyrocketed. If what you’re looking for is a job that pays real bucks, you might want to get into data science. Even if you’re a programmer, knowledge and skills in data science can still be extremely useful to your career. 


Let’s talk about Data Science.


In layman’s term, this ‘data science’ that every business is crazy about is simply a mixture of varying disciplines such as math, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer science. Data scientists are skilled at interpreting data and then build real solutions based on data. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also somewhat similar with data science in practice and in demand. However, there’s a slight difference.


  1. Artificial Intelligence – the manipulation of machines to make them act more like humans
  2. Machine Learning – gaining real-world knowledge from extracted data
  3. Data Science – increases business value through the extraction, collection, interpretation, and the development of data



Programming skills is useful no matter what field you are working in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, a small business owner, or a marketing consultant – basic programming can be for everyone. It won’t be long when knowledge about complicated computer knowledge becomes a staple for job seekers. Learning about programming is up to you but you never know when it comes in handy – be it for promotion, for business, or for landing a date!


Here’s how to get started.

  1. Learn the fundamentals
    For those who think math in school is boring, the ‘fun’ part of data science fundamentals may be ironic. However, if you want to get ahead in life, perhaps gain more money, the fun comes in after. Basic things to learn include linear algebra and mathematical statistics. It sounds boring now, but you’ll thank yourself later.

  2. Let the code do the trick
    Without coding skills, it is difficult to become a data scientist. Don’t worry – you don’t have to transform into Hollywood’s version of a nerd. In fact, knowledge and skills in computers can add sexiness into your personality. Perhaps the most useful language you can learn if you want to get into data science, is Python. There are also other languages such as R but Python is more practical, especially for beginners like you.

  3. Love data
    Other skills you need to learn include machine learning, artificial intelligence, and of course, big data. As a data scientist, you will surely be working with data most of the time so it is important to have a know-how on data mining and data visualization.

  4. Look for real projects
    What’s the use of knowledge if you can’t apply it in the real world? A lot of online tutorials offer hands-on learning experience so you have to look for those. When you’ve already mastered the basics of data science, you might want to start working on real projects. Start by volunteering your services to a friend on a small project so that you can start building your portfolio. After that, you can accept small paid projects until you’re ready to take on.

Additionally, data science involves a whole lot of math and a whole lot of patience so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it right at first.

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