Email Marketing Essentials: 5 Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask

Email Marketing Essentials: 5 Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask

You may have ignored a few marketing emails (or even marked them as spam) over the years, but never underestimate what email marketing can do for your business. A study by McKinsey & Company showed that email is 40 times effective in acquiring customers compared to Facebook and Twitter.

However, if your business’ email marketing efforts aren’t working out that well, it may not be enough to look up effective email marketing templates. Now would be the best time to review your current email marketing strategy and ask the following questions:

#1 Are They Personalized?

Studies have shown that personalized emails have relatively higher transaction rates, so don’t settle for the generic “Dear customer” approach. But “personalizing” emails don’t only mean mentioning their name, any email marketing software or service can do that. By gathering relevant information from your customers, you can make “targeted” offers based on their demographics or purchase instead of offering random promos.

#2 Is the Subject Line Short and Succinct?

Having effective subject lines for email marketing is a no-brainer, and yet a lot of businesses still end up either writing too much, too vaguely, or even writing it in ALL CAPS. You should put extra effort into your subject lines as it will make or break your email marketing efforts — or worse, you can end up getting marked for spam. Keep it short (50 characters or less), and clear enough so that the reader will know what it is exactly about.

#3 Are they Optimized for All Devices?

Check how your email looks on a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet. Your potential customers will be accessing their emails on various devices of varied resolutions and screen sizes, so make sure that your email can be easily read on a vertical phone as it could be on a wide desktop screen. This goes without saying, but your email should easily be readable and shouldn’t force your recipient to do extra work like zooming in or out just to read it.

#4 Are You Sending Them at the Right Time?

The phrase “timing is everything” applies heavily to your email marketing efforts. Studies suggest that the best time to send a marketing email would be between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; sending it around this time increases its chances of being opened and responded to. You should also avoid sending too often as it would put you at risk of being marked as spam. Sending emails twice a month (or once a week at most) would be acceptable.

#5 Are There Email-Exclusive Offers and Promos?

Offering promos and freebies that are exclusive to your email recipients can make a huge difference. This would not only make your potential customers think that they’re getting a great deal, but it would also make them feel like they’re part of an exclusive email VIP list, which, in turn, can improve your likelihood of sealing the deal.

An email marketing specialist’s role is crucial in a business’ email marketing efforts. They help minimize the risk and guesswork and continuously improve a business’ online marketing campaigns by making sure that the marketing message is conveyed clearly and sent to the appropriate prospects.   

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