How LegalMatch Helps Advertisers Reduce Search Ad CPA and Boost Conversions

How LegalMatch Helps Advertisers Reduce Search Ad CPA and Boost Conversions

For direct marketing, search ad CPA (or cost per action) is connected to conversions. The CPA forms the basis of ad spending and is part of a more efficient marketing process wherein an ad budget is typically spent on CPAs alone. The action could be among a number of items like a click on a landing page link or the submission of a lead generation form which ultimately leads to a sale or contract, which is known as a conversion.

Search advertising has become the center of marketing activities for all kinds of businesses. These include law firms or legal experts, but they usually need more back up in ad terms because of the competitiveness of the field. While a law office could run Google ads to rank in searches, they might find the volume of conversions too low for their needs while spending more on their search ad CPAs. 

There are many ways that can be used to reduce search ad CPA and boost conversions, but none are as efficient as direct marketing through lead generation websites like LegalMatch. The company is the leading legal advertising and attorney-to-client matching services for attorneys or law firms and people in the need of urgent legal help in the US. It  maintains success only through continually studying and improving its lead generation tools and process for member attorneys

LegalMatch Provides the Best Lead Generation Tools Through Direct Client-Attorney Matching

People who need an attorney are given the most help when they are able to find one easily through an immediate connection. There are so many of these queuing up online to find specific legal experts for business,  personal injuries, estate management, probate, and family law, among others. 

Lawyers increase client conversion rates by utilizing LegalMatch, an attorney-client matching platform. Attorney-client matching goes a step beyond advertising because the lawyers can pre-screen case postings based on the details that the client provides in the case intake form. They can choose only those that are relevant to their practice.  Likewise, the client can review attorneys that are matched to their case to make sure that their selected attorney is knowledgeable and has ample experience in handling their specific legal issue. These factors greatly increase the chance of an attorney-client engagement.

A law firm could use any number of free online lead generation tools, but where expertise and application matters, these might not be of much use. LegalMatch, for instance, finds and employs lead generation talent who best fits its platforms and business process. Its in-house lead gen team helps create its platform to continually improve its business process.

Compared to other direct marketing platforms, LegalMatch is better performing and actually reduces ad spending. That is because attorney members are able to reduce search ad spends while getting high ROI conversions through leads from the LegalMatch site. Many have even made the switch from other online advertising platforms that are more expensive but ultimately less effective in the business sense.

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