How Parents can Teach their Kids how to Code

How Parents can Teach their Kids how to Code

Teaching your kids how to code doesn’t mean you’re forcing them to become programmers.


As Steve Jobs once put it, “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think.” Just because children know how to code doesn’t necessarily mean that they will grow up to be programmers, however, they can grow to become better citizens of the society. You may not offer them the luxury of material things but you can teach them something more valuable that can make them decent adults in the future.


There are various benefits in teaching your children how to code early in life.

  1. Increased problem-solving abilities
  2. Marketable skills later in life
  3. Good performance in school especially in math or science subjects
  4. Logical way of thinking
  5. Confidence in solving math problems even as adults


The list goes on and on. Now, how do you teach programming to children without boring them or forcing them to?


Spark Curiosity

What better way to get your children engaged than play. Some programmers were first fascinated with computer games like Starcraft and Counter Strike. Later on, their love for computer gaming have evolved to a real-life passion and occupation. You can tell them that when they become adults, they can create as many games as they like while they get paid. Of course, it isn’t that easy. But as kids, they will aim for that as they grow up. Keep having your kids curious about technology and they’ll do their best satisfying that curiosity even until later in life.


Use Child-Friendly Courses

There are numerous sources online for kids to learn how to code. If you’re not a programmer and you want to learn how to code as well, you can learn together with your child. Here are some sources to get you started.

  1. Scratch
  2. Code Monster
  3. Teach Your Kids To Code
  4. Codecombat
  5. Tynker


Expose Them to Programming

Or at least anything that may relate to programming such as solving math problems, riddles, or puzzles. Get creative on how you can expose your kids to programming without them actually knowing. You can let them watch shows or read books that have computer themes as well. Another way to expose your kids to programming early on is by enrolling them in basic computer classes to allow them to interact with other kids.


No one knows what the future holds. And even if your child won’t turn up to be a programmer or land a job in the tech industry, at least you have done your part. Teaching your children real-life skills while they are still young is a responsible thing to do as a parent.


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