How Software Development has Evolved through the Years

How Software Development has Evolved through the Years

Change is an inevitable component of software development, hence, evolution should take place.


Without evolution in technology, society would probably never evolve as well. This evolution has become successful as each new generation becomes more and more dependent on computers and gadgets. For businesses, adapting to evolution is crucial. If they don’t keep up, they’ll easily become obsolete.


Since the time of Watts S. Humphrey, the father of software quality, how much has software development changed?


Predictability Approach

For sure, you have heard about the Agile approach in the software development life cycle. In the past, the Waterfall approach has been commonly used. In the Waterfall methodology, a series of carefully planned steps are followed. That being said, the developers only move to the next step once the first step has been completed. For the Agile model, continuous iteration and improvement is practised. As a result, it is much easier for clients, managers, and developers to collaborate and communicate about the most viable actions for a more desirable output. Now the question is: why change? While it is much easier to foresee the deliverables and desired output in the Waterfall model, it takes much more time. Now that the Agile method has already been used by software companies, the execution of the project can be done quicker. Through the use of Agile, various methods have also evolved.


API For Business

In the Waterfall model – testing, operations, and development are done separately by different teams. Because of Application Programming Interface, or in basic terms, API, developers can build cross-operating applications. If you’re not a programmer, you may not know that the daily apps we use such as Facebook and Google Maps use API’s to provide you with the functionality by integration. Apple, for example, has now made Swift an open source. More and more companies also let others participate resulting in the growth of the API economy. Without API, it’s probably inconvenient for us to use apps such as Uber or Facebook.


Teamwork Through DevOps

Because of Agile, several practices have evolved, one of which, is DevOps. This practice is extremely useful in software development as it brings teams together to communicate and collaborate, thus speeding up the process and making the output more reliable. DevOps is the integration of IT as a whole. People who work in DevOps as an engineer or a specialist has basic skills and interest in software development and systems administration combined together in order to create a unified approach. Aside from collaboration, DevOps also makes less room for failure by providing continual code versions to make it easier for the developers to detect defects. Lastly, DevOps is a great asset to businesses as it reduces costs and IT specialists.


Evolution would always be an important element in software development as the demands of businesses, needs, and stakeholders increase.


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