Is Your Workplace The One?

Is Your Workplace The One?

One way or another, the environment of a workplace can determine the productivity of an employer.


To start with, a toxic work environment will drain your energy and your will to do your work well. Instead of reaching your full potential, your attention will be divided into survival mode and productivity mode. Such thing ought not to be.


If you own a company, you know that building a healthy work environment for your employees is not just for their benefit, but for the future of your business. Without these people who work with you, the business cannot exist. Employers often impose exaggerating rules that instead of placing them for order, they become the root of chaos.


On the the other hand, any employee in general should not compromise their mental health for the sake of a fat paycheck. If your workplace has become too toxic that you curse it every time you go to work, get out of there quick! Or at least, give yourself a month to find another stable job. You sacrifice your health, your family, or your happiness for bringing extra bucks to people who do not care about you. Such situation should stop.


Whether you’re still applying for a job or already currently working, here are some tell-tale signs that the company you’re looking for is the right one.


Abiding by the Rules, Not by Personal Bias

Corporate rules exist for a reason. They are there to maintain order and harmony in the office. If a certain employee disobey an office policy, there are professional sanctions for it. However, there are times where a boss or an HR officer might think you’re attacking them personally even if you did not intentionally mean to disobey a certain rule. Once this occurs, the HR or the boss might attack you through verbal abuse, gossiping, or false accusations. This behavior is a sample scenario of an extremely unhealthy working environment. A healthy workplace, on the other hand, places fair rules and do not emotionally punish a human being for the sake of proving that they are more powerful. If the behavior goes overboard, you can talk to an employment lawyer about it to prevent them from doing it to others as well.


Motivating Employees, Not Competing

Immature people tend to project their insecurities to others. So in case a boss or a coworker insults you or questions your work, answer them appropriately then don’t associate with them anymore. It’s just their unresolved insecurities that’s talking and has nothing to do with you. Good employers, on the other hand, tend to be more objective and gentle when dealing with their employees. They focus more on how you can work together as a team to reach a desired goal instead of competing. If your current boss motivates you to become better in your career, then it is one indicator that you are in the right place.


Feeling Comfort, Not Grudge

You know you’re in the right workplace when you feel excited to get up every day to go to work. Rarely does it happen to employees where they truly feel happiness with their jobs. Most of the time, people only tolerate a bad work environment because of the steady paycheck. Does going to work makes you feel wonderful about yourself and the world around you? Never let that company go. In contrast, a toxic work environment will make you feel lethargic, frustrated, and depressed every single day where each minute feels like forever. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.


Reinforcing Positivity, Not Punishment

Negativity can not only de-motivate an employee, it can also cause heated arguments between them. Bosses or the HR staff usually impose rules and punishment that do not seek to improve a company. Instead they use negative reinforcement like salary deduction or open humiliation. Degrading a person’s integrity for the sake of showing your position in the organization is never acceptable even if it comes to a point where that person directly contributed to the loss of a company. Again, rules exist for a reason. If a person failed to adhere to a rule, there are sanctions for that. No person has the right to trample on a person’s feelings unless they did something that caused you terrible loss. Instead of imposing millions of rules in the office, try motivating them to do something in exchange for a valuable reward.


Influencing Good Attitude, Not Gossip

Of course, we may not agree with people from time to time. However, it sometimes becomes too much that we start to spread rumors or gossip that may or may not be true. Even if it’s true, you do not have the right to destroy the reputation of a person based on lies or hearsay. A good work environment is where your bosses and the majority of your coworkers display a positive attitude instead of a negative one. Showing positive behavior no matter what the situation is will also encourage other people to do the same. Additionally, a bad behavior can also be wildly contagious, often more contagious than that of a positive one. Each time you feel like gossiping, let go of it. Do not start spreading accusations against a person if you do not want it to come back to you.


Overflowing Enthusiasm, Not Constant Absences

Motivated employees feel excited to go to work most of the time. If majority of your workmates are in a constant vacation or sick leave for the sake of avoiding work, there is seriously something wrong with the management. Employees who are happy with their work will show up and perform well even without being told. On the contrary, employees who constantly feel anger or sickness in the office will more likely affect the entire organization.


In a nutshell, a company is “the one” if it serves your well-being more than it does your monthly paycheck. 


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