IT Trends that will Transform the way we see the Industry

IT Trends that will Transform the way we see the Industry

Each year we see the surge of different trends in the IT world as existing technologies are upgraded and new ones are added. With this in thought, we take time to bring you some of the recent developments in the ever-evolving industry of Information Technology.

Here are a few IT Trends to watch out.

2D Materials
Graphene is the first among the developing category of 2D materials. These are used to manufacture protective vests, electronics, helpful in medical procedures, as well as energy generation.

Open AI Network
AI is said to be the future of technology. Technologies within this category will eventually provide assistance or support on understanding text and speech, health conditions, and financial behavior. These supporting roles may equal or run more superior than the human personal assistants.

Optogenetics will soon enable neuroscientists to precisely turn neurons inside our body system on and off. This way, mental disorders may become suppressed.

Systems Metabolic Engineering
Systems Metabolic Engineering changed the design of microbial cell factories and optimized them to manufacture chemicals and some materials to support the chemical industry. There is still a growing need for more methodologies to create more efficient and advanced approaches.

Digital Twin
This trend concerns the digital image of a real world system or entity. Revolving within IoT projects, this still holds promising in the next three or five years. This improves collecting and visualizing accurate data, applying correct rules and analytics, and responding more effectively when it comes to business goals.

Perovskite Solar Cells
These are new types of cells more efficient in storing huge amounts of solar energy. It enables the increase of the quantity of solar energy to be used by consumers. These can not only solve the energy crisis in some parts of the world; it can also lower electricity consumption to more than half.

Organs-on-Chips are tiny models of human organs that emulate the real ones to accommodate more accurate testing of new drugs to replace animals.

Autonomous Vehicles
Some companies started producing consumer models for vehicles that drives without a driver. Development of this type of project is increasing that even Google followed suit to Tesla’s lead.


So, as the earth is moving away from the ancient times through technology, developers of numerous things are stopping at nothing to give way to newer things and more effective than what the old generation used to have. This shows that there are people who hardly sleep at all if just to provide the world with more convenient tools and products. These are such welcome additions to mankind.

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