LegalMatch’s Work from Home Policy

LegalMatch’s Work from Home Policy

Let me tell you about my favorite employee perk that I really enjoy while working here at LegalMatch – work from home. But before that, let’s do a quick rundown about LegalMatch if you haven’t read the previous blog.

We talked about LegalMatch Philippines being the support arm of LegalMatch US. The latter is America’s original and leading attorney/client matching service which connects people in need of legal services to the right attorney who can help them. LegalMatch Philippines supports their platform by implementing new features, analyzing data, and doing R&D to add more value to the business. You might be wondering why LegalMatch would want their employees to work from home? Here’s why.


How LegalMatch implements Work from Home

LegalMatchs Work from Home Policy

As most foreign companies who opted to outsource their R&D work here in the Philippines, one of the biggest pain point is the lack of instantaneous communication given that the work schedules for both time zones do not meet. To solve this, both offices agreed to select 2 hours of overlapping work schedule. During this time, Cebu team can collaborate with their counterparts in the US in real time. Preferred schedules are either 7-9 AM or 10-12 PM, PH time. Since it’s either very early or too late to be in the office during those hours, we have the option to work at home. Given that we have spent 2 hours working at home, we are only required to be in the office for 6 hours. This explains our part work from home policy. By doing this, we aim to improve collaboration between LM Cebu and LM US and at the same time make work more convenient for employees in Cebu. 

The other reasons why we love this arrangement are:

  1. Work/life balance

If for these few hours we remove the stresses and distractions of the workplace and work independently in our preferred environment and at our own pace, we end up being a lot happier and more productive. I have been in the IT industry for 15 years and worked at 5 different IT companies and I can truly attest that working for long hours seem normal. Although they try to promote work/life balance to entice applicants but only in LegalMatch have I really experienced its true essence.

  1. Flexibility.

This does not only relate to timing but also the ability to determine our environment, setting, mood; basically we work in the framework that suits us best and makes us the most productive. Aside from that, we can more fluidly navigate being pulled from both ends – home and work.


work from home for the whole dayThere may be inevitable reasons one is required to work from home for the whole day or so like family matters or other reasons that need special arrangements. In LegalMatch, the support extends not just to employees but to the families as well so the company is flexible when family is involved. The company believes that people should not have to choose between work and family. Both are equally important.

I just want to make it clear though that LegalMatch doesn’t encourage full-time work from home because we value collaboration and face-to-face interaction. In fact, our office design encourages frequent collaboration because we have an open space that does not restrict people from directly seeking help or asking questions from peers. Speaking of open spaces, this will be discussed in our next blog.

With LegalMatch’s flexible working schedule, everyone’s working needs are being catered, may they be owls or fowls.

If you think this arrangement will work for you, please don’t hesitate to drop your resume for any job here that you think suits you. Tell us what you think about working from home. We’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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