LinkedIn Profile Tips for Software Developers

LinkedIn Profile Tips for Software Developers

Programmers can be hired through LinkedIn just like any other jobs.


Recruiters often use LinkedIn as a tool to hire software developers because it is more convenient and somewhat reliable. Majority of the population of the platform’s users have a professional background specifically in a corporate setting. If recruiters want to hire programmers, they usually use LinkedIn for easier searching. 


Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is particularly useful for boosting one’s career. Not to mention that you can use it for free. Even if you’re not looking for a job, it can introduce you to new opportunities that would allow you to discover a potential that you haven’t discovered before.


Here are some tips to help you, a software developer, have a professional and an effective LinkedIn profile.


Profile Images

When setting up profile images, it’s better to use the correct sizes. The standard dimensions for profile photos are 400 x 400 pixels. For background images, the dimensions are 1584 x 396 pixels. Both images should not exceed 8MB. Visuals are usually the first thing that attracts the eyes. That being said, your profile photo and background photo should make a first impression that you are a professional. According to LinkedIn, it is better to use a headshot of your face that covers sixty percent of the photo. Headshot with a white background is preferable because it doesn’t highlight the subject and is more clean-looking. Remember to dress to impress when you have your profile picture taken. You can invest in having your picture taken at a professional photography store or you can do it yourself. When you choose to do the latter, make sure you know how to use image enhancing tools like Photoshop. If you like to get creative, you can save it for Instagram or Pinterest instead.



Keywords are extremely important when it comes to writing an effective LinkedIn summary. Indicate Python, Ruby, Java, and other programming languages to clearly state that you are looking for opportunities in the software development field. While you need to adjust to LinkedIn’s algorithm in order to be more searchable, the platform encourages users to exercise their creative side. If you love to write, this can be an exciting challenge for you. Another option would be to find samples online that you can retouch to fit your own personal brand. The length of the summary depends on your preference. Just make sure that it doesn’t lose interest of the reader. However, your main pitch should be on the first three paragraphs.


Work Experience

Your LinkedIn profile is like your online resume. And what is the most important part of the resume that recruiters read? That’s right, your work experience. Having a detailed work experience summary on your LinkedIn profile gives you an edge among other candidates. For one thing, recruiters would more likely contact a person with a clear job summary. It saves them more time because they know exactly what you do and if you do or do not fit on the profile of who they’re looking for. Also, only include the work experiences that relate to what you are looking for as well. For example, you have worked as a social media manager in the past, you might not want to include it since you are aiming for a programming position.



Find people who are in the same industry as you. If you want to have better chances of getting hired, connect with people who are more likely to find people to hire such as a hiring manager, a project manager, or even a CEO. Peers may not always lead you to getting a new job offer but don’t leave them out as well. Who knows, they may be the ones to introduce you to the person who could offer you your dream job? Once the people from the companies you are interested in accepts your invitation, send them a message letting them know that you’re glad to connect with them. This will pique their interest in you and may find the time in viewing your profile. Or if your profile is all set, you can be direct with these persons and let them know who you are, your accomplishments, and that you are looking for new opportunities. They may not be hiring as of the moment but at least they will have you in mind in case a position opens. If possible, connect only with people who have a professional profile as your connections can say so much about your professional capabilities.


LinkedIn Article

Who says a programmer can’t write? If you have been planning to have your own blog or perhaps a book but can’t push through with it, now’s your chance. LinkedIn allows its users to write articles. This allows the users to attract the right connections in their field. Additionally, it also proves to potential employers or business partners that you are a thought-leader in your industry. Don’t hide your potential – show it by flaunting what your skills are through writing. Gain some knowledge in writing for search engine optimization so that you would know which keywords to include in your published content. Get creative with your headlines as well! If your article is searchable on the web, more people will know and trust your brand thus enhancing your reputation in the industry. 


Additional Information

  1. By turning on the Career Interest setting on your profile, you are making it easier for recruiters to find you. 
  2. Upload your sample works or link to your portfolio if possible to add credibility to your brand.
  3. Get your own custom URL.
  4. Join LinkedIn Groups and be an active member through liking, sharing, or commenting.
  5. Don’t be afraid to give advice or tips as long as it’s based on real-life experience.
  6. Request for endorsement from your peers and endorse their skills as well.
  7. Look for opportunities on the Jobs page.
  8. Update your profile at least once a month.


LinkedIn is a great tool for software developers who are looking for ways to advance in their career. In like manner, employers can also find talents like you to work with.


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