Social Media Branding for Programmers: Staying Credible in a Contaminated Virtual World

Social Media Branding for Programmers: Staying Credible in a Contaminated Virtual World

There has been negative connotations regarding the harmful effects of social media. Privacy breach, make-believe influencer posts, sexual harassment, and fake news has been circulating mainstream social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram for a couple of years now. Tainted with lies and pretenses, is social media still a viable option for establishing one’s own credibility?


Let us not forget the essence of social media platforms – to reach and connect. Using it as a means to scam or intentional bragging goes below human morality. When used well, social media can be used to our advantage without compromising our values.


Be Inspired But Stay Original

Truth be told, nobody’s idea is truly 100% original nowadays. Shower thoughts that penetrate our minds might be a million dollar idea that we can be proud of, but more often than not, they have already been thought of by somebody else somewhere across the globe. Not that they have exactly the same idea as yours, but someway, somehow, they’re correlated. Movies, books, songs – all have repurposed the same content or idea at some point. It is human nature to admire people, be motivated by them, or even try to look like them! When done in moderation, this trait can actually be to our advantage. Continue being inspired by the people you look up to, but don’t forget that the decisions you make are not made by them, but by you alone. Being authentic does not mean that you have to do something that’s completely original, you have to, however, do what feels right no matter how unpopular you think you are. That is real authenticity. That is what makes you original.


Show The World How You Do You

Myths say programmers are supposed to be shut-ins, aloof, and have no sense of proper hygiene. The fact that you’re not, does not make you less smarter. Maybe you code for a living but love joining flash mobs on the streets. Perhaps your corporate life involves staring at the computer for hours in a day and browse magazines for the juiciest gossip on the Kardashians as a stress reliever. See, your occupation does not define who you are. Just because some random person tells you that you are to act at a certain way just because of childish stereotypes, doesn’t mean that it’s right. Instead of stepping away from social media, use it to build your own brand. Fill it with rainbows and unicorns if that makes you happy. While you post what you’re currently up to in your programming career, make sure that you’re not bound by what everyone thinks as ‘normal’. As long as you’re not hurting anybody, don’t be afraid to do you.


Social media isn’t the enemy, it’s the pride, insecurity, and deviousness of the people behind it. Mainstream digital media is saturated by immorality, or so it seems. However, we can be among those people who still believe in the importance of integrity and human connectedness. Let’s put back the ‘social’ in social media.


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