Technological Inventions that have Changed our Lives

Technological Inventions that have Changed our Lives

Humans have dramatically evolved from traveling, to navigation, to social interactions. People nowadays are more advanced than ever because our ancestors have found a way to make every day living easier and more convenient. Growth is a part of life and without it, we won’t have the pleasures that we are enjoying right now.


It wasn’t too long ago when people used to go to the library or ask a trusted source if they want answers about a certain subject. Now, we can get the answers by ourselves, in seconds, right at our fingertips. Although not everyone is pleased with the changes, at some point they can also benefit from them.


What are the most crucial inventions that helped shaped modern society?



People find it impossible to survive even just a day without the Internet. Our generations has been more dependent on the Internet than ever before. Even if there are negative connotations about it, the Internet has some positive impact on our day-to-day lives. The Internet not only is crucial for personal use but it has also been a necessity for businesses. It has made marketing efforts more accurate and budget-friendly than it was 20 years ago. Can you imagine living in a world with no Internet?


Mobile Phones

If you’ve seen movies from the 50’s or the 80’s, you can see that people at parties or gatherings seem to interact more. Nowadays, people are glued to their phones 24/7 and yet use it as an excuse for social interaction rather than just talking to them personally. While mobile phones have some negative impact in our society, it also has its fair share of positive ones. In the past, it takes days or weeks for messages to be transferred. Now, it has become more convenient that it takes just a few seconds to do that, which is why sometimes we don’t value meaningful conversations anymore. Through the data-free features of Messenger or Viber, you don’t even have to pay to be able to send and receive messages.


Global Positioning System (GPS)

While we sometimes like the old-school way of locating places through paper maps when traveling, GPS through our cars or mobile phones is always our first choice. You don’t need to use a compass or read the position of sunlight anymore to arrive at our destination, thanks to GPS. The great thing about GPS is that you have slim chances of getting lost.


Personal Computers And Laptops

Computers have become more and more advanced through the years. If you’ve seen old movies, you can see them typing in black spaces with green fonts. Now, you can do almost everything through a computer. Aside from that, you can bring them anywhere too! 


The use of technology is no longer for the richest people. Now, it has become a norm and part of our everyday lives.


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