The Difference between an Unsuccessful Person and a Successful Person

The Difference between an Unsuccessful Person and a Successful Person

Success is relative. What may be deemed as a successful person by some may not be the same case for the other. Generally speaking, success is achieving personal aspirations whatever they may be. For someone, success may mean reaching financial independence. A promotion may be what success means to the other.


Deep inside, you will know if you’re successful or not. There is a sense of fulfillment in each accomplishment no matter how simple they may be. If you’re stuck in your career and feel like you’re not getting anywhere, here are the five major differences between a successful person and a not-so-successful one.


The Careful vs The Perfectionist

Failure is a part of learning. Oftentimes, we have to take mindful risks and learn from them if things don’t go the way you planned. Carelessness is not a good trait, so is overthinking. Not only is perfectionism bad for your work, it can also cause serious mental health problems. Perfectionism will cripple you thus keeping you from getting started. Successful people are careful with their actions but are willing to take risks when needed because they know they can’t control everything. Perfectionists on the other hand, often fail to achieve success because nothing gets done.


The Curious vs The Show-Off

Successful people are constantly seeking to learn and improve. As the famous Greek philosopher once said, “I know that I know nothing.” People who think they already know enough will never grow. Thinking that you know everything will limit your potential to learn even more. Unsuccessful people often display a know-it-all personality, which of course is ironic since this type of behavior is stemmed from inner insecurities that they don’t deeply know anything about the subject. Not only will showing off stop you from growing as a person, it will also drive people away from you.


The Improver vs The Judger

Unsuccessful individuals are constantly on the lookout for the fault of others. Once someone fail, they point it out excessively while subtly comparing themselves. Individuals who aim to achieve success pay no attention to the status of others. Instead, they use their time to improve their character, their career, their relationships, and their health. Your money in the bank is nothing if your inner self is full of hatred, envy, and resentment to others who may or may not even care about you.


The Assertive vs The People Pleaser

You may be the best in your field but if you do not prioritize your own well-being, then you wouldn’t truly be satisfied. Successful people are assertive, but not arrogant, about what they want and have high regard of the feelings of their loved ones and others. People pleasers on the other hand have a hard time reaching success because they’re too busy wasting resources, time, and energy in impressing people. Focus on yourself and the people you love first. It doesn’t matter if not everyone will like you just as long as you keep your conscience intact.


Success requires mindfulness in everything but not to the extent of overdoing it. Keep yourself healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally in order to achieve your desired success.

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