Top 4 Sites to Learn Data Science

Top 4 Sites to Learn Data Science

There’s an abundance of data science courses that you can learn online – some are free, some are paid, but they’re worth it.


One great thing about learning online is that you can learn at your own pace. Let’s say you have a day job in a different field but are thinking of switching careers. For sure, it would be wiser to learn and prepare first before taking on a new career path. Preparation for a new job could last between six months up to twelve months depending on your pace. This is when online learning comes in handy. You can learn anytime – during your lunch break, after work, or on weekends without risking your source of income.


Another benefit of learning online is that you don’t have to travel from your workplace or from your home to your class. Even though there are certain advantages to learning from an institution, online learning can be an advantage if distance is an issue for your current situation. So, are you ready to learn data science?


Here are the top four sites to learn data science in 2019.



Oh yes, you heard that right, good old YouTube. There are hidden gems of knowledge you can gain from YouTube if you know where to look. When you don’t know where to look, you can ask a friend or ask from the community in platforms such as Quora or Reddit. You may not realize it yet, but there’s more to YouTube than just the latest music videos and vlogs.



Now the majority of the courses offered at Udemy may be paid but for starters, it’s best to start with the free ones. At times, their courses go on sale and you can buy quality courses for as low as $11. To fully utilize their paid courses, don’t just watch, you also have to work through their workbooks, participate in the community, and follow-up on the references given. Unlike YouTube, it’s easier to find full-length courses on data science. You have to pay for their courses but it’s a good investment that will benefit your career greatly.


Data Camp

One of the best things about Data Camp is that it’s perfect for beginners who want to have hands-on experience. Even if you’re not a computer science major, you can easily understand their tutorials. Data Camp offers free courses, however, the advanced lessons are paid. If you’re just starting, you can go with the free basic courses then move on to the paid ones if you want to advance in your career and have your very first project for your portfolio. Additionally, data camp focuses on data science so it is a great learning environment for beginners.



This platform focuses on customizing their lessons according to the pace and level of the user. Coursera takes pride in having instructors from prestigious universities and IT experts that teach their courses online. What’s more to love about Coursera is that it offers an IBM Data Science Certification. Coursera would be a great tool to help you if you want to make a career shift or get promoted.


Even if there are only four online tutorial sites listed here, there are plenty of other platforms where you can learn data science. Aside from video tutorials, you may also participate in platforms like GitHub, Quora, or Reddit to learn more about the data science community.


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