Top Test Automation Tools of 2019

Top Test Automation Tools of 2019

Fast-paced tech companies require tools that bring the fastest delivery possible, take QA automation tools for example.


Part of the success of successful software development include the usage of the right QA tools. To get ahead of the competition, you have to only use the right products and services that could make your projects more efficient, quicker, and more valuable. However, choosing the right automation tool can be tricky as there is a plethora of these tools everywhere.


Which test automation tool should you use?



This list is not complete without Selenium. In fact, it is currently considered as the standard for test automation in the quality assurance industry. While this tool offers free features and can be done in multiple scripting languages such as Java, C#, Perl, Python, and Ruby, Selenium requires advanced skills for installation and usage. This open source tool is used by big names like Google, Netflix, and Fitbit. The Selenium Suite has three main products: the Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Webdriver (Selenium 2), and the Selenium Grid. One good reason why companies love using this tool is that way long before agile development and DevOps was a trend, Selenium has already been doing it.


Katalon Studio

Perhaps, the perfect alternative to Selenium. Again, it is a free test automation tool used for web (UI and API) and mobile apps. Although it is free, it is not open source like Selenium. If you’re a manual tester or a newbie in the QA world, Katalon Studio is the perfect tool to start with. Additionally, this automation tool is convenient to use for cross browser testing. You can also integrate procedures and functions like JIRA, Git, and aTest. What’s great about Katalon Studio is that it has a Katalon Analytics product that provides testing insights to the user. 



If you aim for convenience in test automation, SoapUI is a great solution. This open source platform is easy to setup and use. You’ll be surprised that this tool can be used by both technical users and non-technical ones. Despite its ease of use, SoapUI is one powerful tool that permits testers to write Functional API Tests. It is smart to use this tool because it saves web API calls so you can easily just use it back the next time. Unlike Selenium and Katalon Studio, SoapUI requires payment for the license of at least $659 annually.



This automation tool is one of the most powerful one there is in the QA testing industry. Instead of manually testing everything, TestComplete offers a wide array of features that makes it possible for testers to perform QA tests. Like SoapUI, TestComplete is yet another magnificent tool developed by SmartBear Software – a popular tech company that innovates tools for software development and software testing. Python, JavaScript, VBScript, and C++ are the languages testers can use for this platform. TestComplete has a robust object identification engine and a record-and-replay feature that can build test scripts without coding.


It is impossible to imagine a world without these test automation tools which is why it’s best to choose now. 


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