What makes a Culturally Fit Candidate for Tech Startups

What makes a Culturally Fit Candidate for Tech Startups

Nowadays, tech companies seem to weigh more value onto culture fit more than mere experiences in the resume. While work experience matter, fitting into the modern tech industry is what seems to make a candidate stay longer in a company. For startups, if they see that you do not blend in well with how modern companies work, you will have a hard time succeeding which may also affect the company as a whole.


People who work together with a drive to accomplish a goal is what makes culture. Through a strong culture, employees will feel motivated and empowered to excel thus contributing to the company’s prosperity. There is no need for employers to remind you what to do and how to do things daily if you know what you want to do in the first place.


Planning to advance your career in an IT startup? Here are some ways to make you a culturally fit candidate.


Have Strong Values

Value, attitude, and character matters most not just in applying for a job but also to our personal success as well. Tech startups determines if your values fit into theirs. They believe that technical skills can be learned even if you only have little knowledge of them from the start. On the other hand, character and values are innate and personal thus outside forces can’t change them unless you do. Some candidates feel a strong sense of entitlement when they apply for a tech job just because they did well in school or their past job. Remember that at work, you are dealing with real people, real employers, and real clients who pay you. In order to get along with these people, one must display strong ethical values.


Have Genuine Passion

In any type of career path, whether tech, medical, legal, etc, if you don’t have a purpose why you pursue them, you will more likely burn out in the long run, leaving you feeling empty and unhappy. Passion is something that no one can instill or take away from you – it is your calling. When you are passionate on the job you are applying for, the employers will see right through you. No matter how much you earn from your job and no matter what your position is, if you’re not willing to grow and chase it, you will end up losing it.


Have A Creative Mind

Tech startups are not looking for robots, they are looking for real people – those who have values, drive, and innovative minds. You don’t have to be Steve Jobs,  Jack Ma, or Mark Zuckerberg. What you need is curiosity and the drive to put them into action. Don’t hesitate to speak your mind no matter how silly others think your ideas are. They are what makes you who you are.

Keep in mind that companies will not give you time to adapt in their culture. Instead, they want candidates who already have these values, passion, and creativity that is built inside them. What’s your calling?


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