Do You Have to be Extremely Smart to be a Programmer?

Do You Have to be Extremely Smart to be a Programmer?

Perhaps the most common stereotype about programmers is that they are all extremely smart in everything. Which is why people, both students and working adults, are afraid to learn how to code because they think that this line of work is only for the smartest people. Yes, it’s never easy to learn, especially when you don’t have a solid background on programming, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. There are a lot of people who are smart at coding but may not be smart enough at other things. Logic may be used in programming but it just doesn’t necessarily apply in real-life situations.


So if you’re one of those individuals who’s afraid to learn how to code, do not be. You don’t need to have a higher IQ than Einstein to be a programmer. Always want to be a programmer? Here are some tips that might help you.


Learn to Filter Stereotypes

Not all stereotypes are bad. Sometimes, they can be useful as a guide. For example, you are planning to travel to a certain country. Of course, you have to be careful on how you behave around a group of people who may be believing certain practices or manners. This will prevent you from getting into a fight or worst-case scenario, jail time. Meanwhile, there are other stereotypes that are better left ignored. If someone has discouraged you from pursuing what you want to do because you have to fit in into a specific stereotype, then that’s the time you may just ignore it. Do not limit yourself into what society dictates you to be.


Make it a Passion

A passion is not a true passion if you don’t make it one. To put it simply, passion is something that we are willing to work and sacrifice for just to obtain that one thing. Of course, it feels nice to be a software engineer, a teacher, or a doctor, but if you don’t work enough on those dreams, you can’t have it. If you’re thinking about being a programmer, make sure you make it your passion. Being passionate about something is working day and night, no matter how tired you are, because you know that the end result would be pleasurable.


Start Now

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a degree in computer science or not, start today! Not all the best programmers in the world are computer science or IT graduates, they just learned. Worried it’s too late to start now? You aren’t the only person in the world who has found their calling later in life. Some even have children before they found what they love to do for the rest of their life. Don’t listen to what others are saying, if you want it, go get it. Nobody knows about your journey and your life, only you. Therefore, other people’s opinions should not have power over you. 


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