Quick Tips on How to be the Best Software Tester

Quick Tips on How to be the Best Software Tester

Quality is your middle name if you’re a software tester.


Day and night you do software testing ensuring security and excellence. Without people who do this, developers would be lost. Now, as a software tester, how do you apply the principles of your work to your growth in career and as a person?


Your Team Matters

Make sure you belong to a team that help each other out. In any tech setting, it would be difficult to function without effective teamwork. The software engineers are not your enemies, instead, they are supposed to be your allies. If your teammates treat you disrespectfully at all times, then maybe it’s time to find another group of people to be with in order to shine together. Your job is to ensure that developers produce the most desirable results and that can only be done if you work hand in hand as a team.


Stay on the Technology Radar

As a software tester, your work revolves around technology. With that being said, it only makes sense to learn new skills and upgrade your portfolio. In the world of technology, it is common to move in a fast pace or else you’d be left out. Get knowledge on general systems thinking,  understand the application architecture, do whatever you can to feed yourself with knowledge and apply it. You never know what opportunities you might attract if you continue to hone your skills.


Apply New Testing Techniques

It’s time to improve on your specific craft. You may have the best team or be updated on the latest tech trends but if you do not master your own line of work, you still can’t excel. After learning a new technique, you can talk to your teammates, explain to them how this would benefit your work, and make a suggestion to use it. Never settle for what’s been given to you since day one. Get out of your comfort zone once in awhile in order to achieve growth – both in your career and in your personal life.


Find Purpose

Anybody who does not find meaning in what they do tend to lose interest in the long run. You may be the smartest person in the room but if you lack purpose, those “smarts” can’t be put to good use. As a software tester, you contribute to the lives of others. First, think about the user in mind next time you do testing. Imagine what you can do to improve their business or their lives. Next, think about how your hard work will look on your resume and portfolio. You may not be looking for a new job but who knows what kinds of opportunities might come knocking at your door? If you’d like to stay at your current workplace, maybe your hard work will lead to your promotion. Lastly, you will be able to build friendships with developers and they may even recommend you to new opportunities in the future.

Ensure quality not just in the application that you are testing but also in your relationships, in your career, and in your life.


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How to Start your Data Science Career

How to Start your Data Science Career

The corporate world has shifted to data which is why the demand for data professionals has skyrocketed for the past few years.

Data science encompasses a wide area of expertise. The most common jobs in data science include data scientist, data analyst, business intelligence analyst, data architect, and data mining engineer. Mindset also matters if you want to enter the data science industry. One of the most important thing to keep in mind is that data science is not for everyone. If you do not know how to code, that’s fine. The thing that can make or break your career relies on how badly you want it. You can learn things, but willpower comes from within.

Before you step into the data science world, here’s how to prepare.


Learn the Difficult Things First

It sounds like a pessimist to call it “difficult” so instead, let’s call it “challenging”. And what are the challenging things you need to learn? Knowledge in a computer language (specifically Python or R), strong statistical mathematics skills, knowledge in deep learning, and business know-how are on top of the list. Even if you need to have the right attitude to land your dream job, hard skills still matter. Although you just need the basics of machine learning, statistics, and programming, it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile just to be sure.


Conduct Consistent Research

Just researching once would not give you in-depth knowledge of the world you’re trying to get into. If you are eager to work in data science, you have to step up your researching game. Each day a new job post is published, especially in the tech industry. From there, you can take notes on the things they require from applicants, and those requirements are exactly what you need to start your career in data science. See how data science leaders talk about their craft and how you can incorporate yourself into their world as well.


Offer Pro Bono or Discounted Services

Your chances of getting hired becomes higher when you have a portfolio. And because you’re new to the industry, it’s pretty rare to come by an opportunity that pays well. So money aside, how much do you want to advance in your newly-found career? Never underestimate clients when you’re just starting out. On the other hand, don’t sell yourself too short either. Volunteer your services to a non-profit organization or bid low rates on freelancing sites. Either way, you’re ready to jumpstart your data science portfolio.


For starters, there are available books, articles, and video tutorials with hands-on training online. Taking on a new career path is not easy – it takes dedication and patience. While you’re at it, don’t forget to prioritize your well-being and not overdo it as well.


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