How Data Science is Changing Businesses

How Data Science is Changing Businesses

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about data science. Nowadays, more and more businesses hire the best data scientists, engineers, or analysts to change the way they do business. Soon, all businesses, no matter what industry, will need data science to survive the race.


Through data science, a business can extract large amounts of data and interpret those data into real-world insights. This is crucial to various industries including marketing, healthcare, and financial institutions. Customer demands are getting complex not to mention that they are also fast-paced. That said, we need data science to keep up.


How is data science changing businesses?


Unlocking Consumer Demands

In a sales and marketing point of view, the demands of consumers are not only rapid, they are also unpredictable. However, through the use of data science, businesses can create software solutions to determine the pattern in consumer behavior thus discovering what makes them purchase.


Understanding Clients As Individuals

Through the use of data science systems, companies can understand the needs of a specific client and address the problem without hocus-pocus. In the past, companies assume what people need in general and failed to see the bigger picture that each person is unique with a different set of wants and needs. 


Saving Lives

In the medical field, the use of data science systems better understand the disease of a person. In addition, these systems can offer the most accurate insights on how to help that person recover from that specific type of disease. Data science plays a huge role not only in a business but in our health as well.


Get Businesses Back Up

If your business strategies or your business in general has failed, then it’s time for you to get back up again, this time with the help of data science. That said, you can track customer behavior and complaints in the past and get solutions. Data science can help your business be on track again.


Actionable Insights

Not only can data science systems help you determine the major drawbacks of your business strategies, but you can also help provide actionable insights. What’s the use of extracting data without knowing what to do with them anyway? Through the use of data science, you can now quit guessing solutions, instead you can use the data that already exists in your institution and turn them into real results. Data brings Information. Information leads to Insight.


There are never ending possibilities with data science. Are you ready for the big change?


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4 Quick Productivity Tips for Software Developers

4 Quick Productivity Tips for Software Developers

So you’re stuck in a rut for fixing a bug that you can’t seem to fix for over an hour. Because of this, you feel dull and you end up scrolling through Instagram, and before you know it – it’s 5 o’clock. Productivity is crucial in career and business.


We all know for a fact that being productive at work no matter what field you are in, brings benefits such as higher chances for promotion, more free time, and self-confidence. At times, we get stuck in our work and that’s okay.


Here, we listed 4 tips on how to be productive as a software developer.


  1. Set Goals Before Leaving Work
    While there are several ways to be productive, there are also hundreds of reason why it seems hard. One of the main things that steal our productivity is procrastination. We often procrastinate because we fear doing the task or we simply don’t have a goal first thing in the morning.

    If we set goals, it’s easy to get focused on what we should do for the day. Try setting your top three goals for the next day before leaving work and pin it to your desk. If you have a team leader, supervisor, or manager who can do this for you, then it’s much better.

  2. Take A Dose Of Caffeine
    Caffeine intake has long been associated to sharper focus and a more alert mind. If you are not a coffee drinker, there are other alternatives such as green tea. You don’t have to be a coffee addict though, just a cup early in the morning can help you take on the long day ahead of you.

  3. Be Honest
    There’s no such thing as superhumans and our brains can only take much. If you feel like you can’t do a task, do not procrastinate. Instead, be honest to yourself and to your superior that it’s hard for you to complete your task. For sure, they will understand and assist you with your work struggles. Admitting that you are having a hard time with your task doesn’t mean you are dumb, it just means that you are human. Also, being honest with your boss early on will save you more time rather than procrastinating until your deadline.

  4. Leave Your Work In The Office
    Sometimes, we fall into the habit of thinking about our work 24/7 –  whether we’re on a family trip, a dinner date, or even before bed. Programmers are known to obsess over codes especially if there’s a bug and they won’t stop, no matter what time of the day until they solve the problem. Yes, it is hard to avoid this, but always remind yourself that you also need to relax and be in the moment. This is not because you are negligent of your work, but because by doing so, you can be more productive.


At LegalMatch, we understand that you don’t need to choose between work and  your personal matters most especially if it’s about family because both are equally important. We always believe in the work-life balance principle which is why we’re flexible when it comes to people’s needs. From allowing work from home when needed for family reasons to PTO and other special arrangements for those that need it, our support extends not just to employees but to their families too. With our semi-flexible working hours, we are able to cater to the working needs of everyone, may they be owls or fowls.