Become an Effective Programmer with these Simple Tricks

Become an Effective Programmer with these Simple Tricks

Nobody is perfect but that should not be a reason not to execute excellence.


If you’re not satisfied with your current performance as a software developer, you still have all the time in the world to improve. Being an effective programmer means solving real-world problems in a cost-efficient, simple, and clean manner. Of course, there will always be people who will be better than us. Nevertheless, your goal is not to be above all else because someone will always be better than the other. Instead, your focus should revolve around how much you love what you do. 


Now’s your chance to be the best developer you can be. Here’s how.


Look for the Right Environment

No matter what each person’s work style is, the working environment will always play a big role in one’s productivity. Whether you’re extroverted, or introverted, or both – as a human, you need privacy. Doing your work in an overly open environment with too much noise pollution or traffic will surely distract you. Yes, you may often collaborate with your team, but a little sense of privacy is also essential to your mental health. One thing to note is that your workplace should promote a sense of relaxation, not a pressuring one. Make sure you work in an environment where you can focus well. Aside from the physical location of your work space, see to it that you also work with the right team wherein you can grow both in career and in your personal life.


Leave Work at Work

If you signed a contract with your employer to do 8 hours of work, make sure you only do 8 hours of work. As opposed to the usual corporate setting, you should not keep on thinking about work when you’re already out of the office. It is your responsibility to be an effective employee and it is also your responsibility to take care of your well-being and live a wonderful life. Burning out yourself would not make you effective. Instead, it will make you feel lethargic and unmotivated for the next day. Learn to use your energy accordingly and don’t spend it in one place such as the office.


Invest in Paid Tutorials

There is a plethora of free tutorials online but most of the time, those are the tutorials that are suited for beginners. If you’ve been a programmer for quite sometime now, it’s time you invest in paid learning like books or online subscriptions. Some even say that investing in education is better than investing in stocks. Education, when applied in the real world, will bring you even more stable money cash flow in the long run. Do not regret paying for that video training class, you need it more than you know.


Keep in mind that in order to become an effective programmer, you need to make improvement a habit and not just a one-time destination.


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What is it Like to be a Business Intelligence Analyst?

What is it Like to be a Business Intelligence Analyst?

Nowadays, data science is the hottest field it tech. We all know data scientist and data analyst, but there’s another data science job that’s not often mentioned but is growing in popularity – business intelligence analysts. 


What is business intelligence and why does it matter in the modern corporate world?

In essence, business intelligence is the process of mining data and interpret it in a way that would provide solutions to real business problems. Professionals working in the business intelligence analysis department are not just technologically-inclined, but also business-inclined. Of course, most companies require higher education in computer science or information technology but that is not always the case. If you’re not a programmer but have worked in business management for quite sometime now and want to grow, you might want to get your programming books and start learning.


Do you have to be extremely smart to work in the data science field?

Yes and no. Truth be told, being smart in some way is useful if you want to excel in software development, data science, or other tech careers. However, most of your success will come from your perseverance and how well you apply knowledge. Having smarts alone without application means nothing. In some way, fast-learners get ahead but you don’t have to be a genius to work in IT. Learn programming, polish your business know-hows, and strive for excellence – those are the basic things you need if you want to become a business intelligence analyst.


What skills do you need to become a business intelligence analyst?

The required skills in each company may vary but has some sort of a common ground. If you don’t prepare yourself well, you will be left behind. Here are some skills you might want to have if you want to get ahead of the competition.

  • Business intelligence
  • Data mining
  • Data modeling
  • Data warehouse
  • Data analysis
  • Database management and reporting
  • Python, C#, SQL, and Hadoop
  • Business analysis
  • Business administration
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Communication skills


What are the benefits of pursuing business intelligence analysis?

  1. Great income generator
  2. Plethora of job openings
  3. Career stability
  4. Future opportunities


How do you get started?

If you’re planning to get into college, you can major in software engineering, data science, business management, or computer science. Now if you’ve already graduated from college, you can either intern at a large organization or work for a startup company. You may also volunteer for projects, help out a friend, or get online freelance jobs while you are still building your portfolio. If you’re already working and you want to shift to business intelligence analysis, then you can start learning online or get short courses for at least a year – don’t leave your day job yet! Lastly, stay on the radar and make sure that you know the latest trends in data science.


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