Best Sources for Learning How to Code in 2019

Best Sources for Learning How to Code in 2019

Thank heavens, you’ve finally decided to make a career shift. Or perhaps, you are still working in Marketing or Finance but want to be ahead of the competition. What better way to do it, than to upgrade your technical skills.


Question is, where do you begin?


Some people may still be accustomed to the classic way of learning – through good ol’ books. However, if you’re more of an open-minded type, the Internet may be a good source too. That is, if you know where to look. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best online sources for learning how to code in 2019.



This platform has reached to over 45 million learners in just seven years. Codecademy is perhaps the most convenient learning source right now. Like other sources, it offers a variety of courses for various programming languages including Java, Python, SQL, Javascript, Ruby, and C++ to name a few. Whether you’re aiming to analyze data or to build websites, Codecademy is a great help for self-taught programmers like you. Additionally, the platform provides hands-on learning so you’re not just reading with no real-life application. You may enroll at Codecademy for free but they also have pro accounts to give you access to extra features.



This is one of the most renowned coding resource online. Udemy offers several courses for free, however, you would more likely be wanting to get the paid courses. You can get full courses on varying subjects from programming to marketing for only $12. Like Codecademy, you can also learn at your own pace. New courses and training modules are added each month which is why you can expect to learn about modern practices.

Most millennials who study computer sciences may have used Lynda at some point in college. Lynda still hasn’t lost its touch as a great training ground for programming. Although they offer extensive coding courses, there are some that are already outdated. However, for beginners and casual study, Lynda is still one of the best online source out there.



For those with short attention span, Treehouse is probably the best learning platform. Treehouse offers a fun and convenient way of learning programming. Like the platforms mentioned before, you can also learn at your own pace at Treehouse. If you’re completely new to the idea of programming, this platform is worth the try.


What’s great with online programming sources is that you can have a hands-on experience as opposed to passively reading. Of course, numerous online learning sources may arise each year so you should know which information to take in. You may also ask for advice on your new found calling from a trusted friend or a loved one working in the software development department.


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How to Stay Focused while Coding

How to Stay Focused while Coding

Thinking, writing, and testing your code requires tremendous focus. Without focus, the day will pass by without you accomplishing anything. Whether you’re working in a typical corporate setting or working freelance at home, concentration is a struggle.


Focus opens your mind to let those creative juices flow continuously. But how do you do it?


Sleep It Off

When all else fails, just sleep. Lack of sleep causes a person to become disoriented, irritable, and confused. So the next time your code doesn’t work for the hundredth time, you know what to do. But what if it happens at the office? Of course, sleeping at your desk is against your office policies. What you can do instead is to remind yourself to go home right away after shift and hit the sack earlier. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the new day.


Nurture Your Body

Our brain needs the right nutrients in order to function well. Much like a car needing fuel, our brain and body also needs fuel to fully operate. Brain foods include spinach, walnuts, broccoli, salmon, blueberries, and eggs. You don’t need to hire a nutritionist in order eat healthy but if you can afford one, that’d be helpful for your diet as well. Additionally, do not go to work on an empty stomach.


Do One Thing At A Time

Companies often treat people like they’re robots. They focus more on deliverables and efficiency at a tight deadline without human regard. Multitasking can not only compromise the quality of your work but also your brain health. Sure, employers might think that multitasking is a special skill, but that not ought to be if you want to focus on producing an excellent output.


Let Go Of Perfectionism

Over-planning will mentally and emotionally cripple you. Of course, you don’t have to YOLO (You Only Live Once) your work, however, balance is key to accomplishing. In order to do that, you only have to think about one small thing you want to accomplish in the moment and don’t bother analyzing too much on what happens next. As the idiom goes, “We’ll cross the bridge when we get there”. You can still be your perfectionist self, but if you want to focus on getting the work done, it’s best to let go of worries that distract you. First know where you’re headed then take it from there. Let go of the need to over-analyze things that hasn’t happened yet because chances are, they’re never going to happen anyway.