What is Growth Hacking and How Does It Impact Attorney Marketing?

What is Growth Hacking and How Does It Impact Attorney Marketing?

Formerly weird, Sci-Fi types of concepts in digital marketing like AI or artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing campaigns and VSEO or voice search engine optimization are now the current and future waves in the industry. 


Early adopter marketing wizards have updated their portfolios with expertise on these concepts and propelled them into the front screen of companies doing digital marketing. Growth hackers, especially, were in all probability among the first to take out the formerly alleged ridiculosity of, say, VSEO and turned it into marketing magic. 


This year business owners have bumped up VSEO to the top of their urgent priorities list. Growth hacking as an expertise has helped voice search engine optimization come up to speed in practical terms. Though hackers of this type usually wait for the tech to become usable and available commercially, some companies go one better by having teams of growth hackers and developers create new tools to outdo the competition.


The edge, however, is only exclusive to creator or development teams for a very short time. Other businesses or companies will study their product or have parallel programs that help them come up with similar products of their own. Nothing wrong with this in the open source digital marketing era. It is in the marketing programs and the way growth hacking tools are used in these programs that a workable, practical edge impacts ROI. 


Experts in the field of marketing growth should have their growth hacking fundamentals down pat. The best in-house development teams simply go down to business and fit the components of diverse tools into a unique program. For companies that run centralized, on-demand marketing platforms like LegalMatch, these fundamentals are a steady base on which its attorney-client matching service and lead generation programs stand on. Growth hacking digital marketing strategy is built-in to the robust LegalMatch system, and this can easily be seen by industry experts.


If you think about it and know the way to go, virtually any marketing support or development product you find online can be a growth hack tool of choice for marketers and executives who oversee marketing. Some of the best growth hack tools are already an established part of digital marketing for business. These include but are not limited to:


  • Growth Testing Tools
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Website/SEO Analytics Accounts
  • Messenger/Chatbots Use Cases for Marketing
  • Landing Page Conversion Tools
  • Website and Content Automation
  • Email Marketing Campaign Automation
  • Social Media Automation
  • Workflow Automation 
  • Mobile Automation and Marketing 
  • Social Media Growth Hacking Tools
  • Feedback Generation Tools
  • Email Finding Tools
  • Lead Form Generators
  • Influencer Marketing


All of the bulleted items above, when used in the optimal sense, are worthy of your time and effort. But never forget, of course, that everything useful for modern business growth is of value to the growth hacker. 


One definition of growth hacking is leveraging the latest tech tools, marketing techniques and products in marketing or advertising for explosive, unique growth. In the legal industry, there are those who may say that explosive growth provided by attorney-client matching or ACM may have plateaued out or is a flash in the pan in the pay-per-lead (PPL) field, but at LegalMatch, opposite beliefs apply. Lawyer advertising and legal marketing are found to be more ethically-driven, results-oriented and more efficient with LegalMatch ACM and its growth hacking programs. 


The work of growth hackers in the company is based on the belief that ACM is itself an important growth hack tool for the legal industry in general and the LegalMatch platform in particular. And for LegalMatch clients like attorneys who take out member subscriptions on the marketing platform, ACM is certainly one of the best growth hack tools to access. As the technologies evolve, so will ACM, but the basic formula is something LegalMatch believes to be future-proof. In addition, the LegalMatch team knows that ACM already qualifies as a field outside of PPL.


How Do You Apply Growth Hacking Techniques on Lawyer Advertising?


Sean Ellis, who everybody in the know recognizes as the original growth hacker, coined the term growth hacking in 2010 and helped several tech companies achieve stratospheric growth with his growth hacking secrets. 


There are outside factors, intangibles and ingenious thinking involved to be an effective growth hacker like Ellis. Therefore:


  • You must be the most aware of the existing, new or future variety of tools for leveraging growth.
  • You must be ready to use these tools in ways that the competition has not discovered yet.
  • You must understand how tech works with regards to growth — the only important metric you need to monitor. 


Growth hacking recruiters will swarm over somebody who has a proven track record in helping companies grow fast with the help of tools or ideas in marketing tech, or even have growth hacking secrets of his own. For LegalMatch, there is actually no actual position in the company that says “Growth Hacker” but everyone in the company-wide team can tag on the name after their position — like Web Developer (Growth Hacker) or SEO Specialist (Growth Hacker). 


Specifically, the careers page of the company directly ties growth hacking as a specialty to the Senior Sales Operation Data Analyst hiring page. If you try looking at it, the specialty of growth hacking is built-in to the responsibilities and qualifications of this particular position. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg for growth hacking marketing strategies LegalMatch style. 


The Senior Sales Operation Data Analyst is tasked to run growth testing programs and work closely with everyone concerned, and this will include all members of the development, SEO, marketing, sales, management and business teams, with varying levels of functions, responsibilities and initiatives for growth hacking. 


Obviously, anyone concerned with LegalMatch growth hack initiatives will use the following standard techniques for growth hacks as they apply to LegalMatch business: 


  • Finding new ways to use social media accounts or using platforms, methods, tools and systems competitors are not using or are using ineffectively. In any case, the company always shares its results and findings with anyone who is interested, be they clients, competitors or members of the legal industry in general. This is its continuing contribution to the open source process and its development as well as a way to uphold accountability as a cornerstone of the company’s corporate social responsibility.


  • Always do testing but refine the process to sync with company priorities. For LegalMatch growth hackers, this refinement is an internal process that is intensively cultivated and implemented on all phases of marketing campaigns. Analytics, for instance, is one growth hack tool that is intensively used, generating highly qualified, goal-oriented data which helps in providing attorney clients top level attorney marketing and ACM services.


  • Finding gimmicks that catch the popular imagination. Probably the most successful examples of gimmicks are unique videos that stick in the mind and gamification in websites. However, in the advertising sense, LegalMatch always keeps in mind ethical considerations related to legal advertising, which is a stricter marketing process than most. So there may be less obvious gimmicks in use on the platform, but they are client engagement gimmicks just the same, in a more serious, legally-urgent sense. Technically LegalMatch ACM can even be considered arguably the most effective of gimmicks in attorney marketing available in the legal industry.


Growing a legal practice is something that the majority of LegalMatch attorney members are able to do on the platform. Khoa N. of Newport Beach, CA for example says:


LegalMatch is good at providing consistent leads that fit within the criteria of my practice area…with many cases that I would be looking to actually do versus other lead generating sources that I’ve experienced. It’s allowed me to pick and choose the cases I want to take. LegalMatch gives out techniques and strategies to make the client-matching process effective [and has] helped me grow my practice and experience.


Samples Cases of Successful Growth Hacks in Recent Business History


Everyone agrees that the following three companies are the best growth hacking examples: 

  • AirBNB 

Amazing is the term for AirBnB’s successful access of the entire travel market by starting with the growth hack technique of using Craigslist to advertise itself as an alternative travel option. 

  • Facebook

Predating the term coined by Ellis, Facebook utilized online networking with a highly socialized setup, popular gimmicks and a unique user interface as growth hacks.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox was one of the companies Sean Ellis helped grow. They used growth hacks like gamification and incentives for people who used the free file storage app. 


Oftentimes, it takes very little for any marketing platform or channel to have its own set of unique best growth hacks. One of the best examples of this shows up when you compare how competing social media companies Facebook and LinkedIn provide growth hacking tools to their users:


Growth Hack Features



Messaging Automation



Chatbot Marketing



Business-Oriented Pages/Templates



Platform-Based Advertising



Job Posts



Functionalities for a Global Audience



Functionalities for a Global Executive/Corporate Audience




As one sees on the above table, LinkedIn features only one unique growth hack that Facebook does not have, and this is enough for LinkedIn to be uniquely useful to its chosen audience and stated area of operation in the B2B level. Facebook by far has a bigger audience, but LinkedIn adds heft, volume, human resources values and targeted business relevance for its users. 


LinkedIn simply qualifies its users into business owners, top-level executives, middle management or talent for employment and from this is able to generate more special ways to monetize and grow on the platform.  


What are Some LegalMatch ACM Growth Hack Solutions for Attorney Clients?


LegalMatch has moved up to a position of being able to provide a total, centralized legal marketing platform for its attorney members. This is the result of work in the tens of thousands of man hours and careful planning, development and implementation. It required the generation of a literal hill of analytics data crunched down to a few pages of a data set tailor-fit to the LegalMatch lead generation and ACM operations. 


There will be critics who will say that the words “total” and “centralized” are not actually provable, or worse, just influencer buzzwords off the hats of marketers after a tension-filled no-holds barred brainstorming session tasked to find unique descriptions for people to remember LegalMatch by. 


However, to the LegalMatch team, the use of these words are backed up by relational data and statistics. And no, there was no tense, desperate and last-ditch brainstorming session to come up with them. There was no fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants guerilla marketing process. It was more like a slow, sure, communications intensive and totally-tested process run through the best possible analytics technology. Everyone was cool, awake, objective and professional through and through. 


Let’s first study a randomly chosen case of a LegalMatch attorney member and how the built-in platform growth hack/s affected his law practice. Our attorney in question is Michael Spencer C. of Lynnwood, WA. His practice is focused on family law and these are his thoughts on his LegalMatch membership:


  • If you put the effort in, then LegalMatch is a great system.
  • LegalMatch doubled our business.
  • We’ve been able to increase our profit, hire additional staff and connect with more clients.
  • Within 2 years my firm was able to retain 52 clients through LegalMatch. It made my firm more successful and at the same time encouraged us to up our game.


Michael Spencer’s LegalMatch experience is a growth-filled process. We can just stop after reviewing rolling out some more client case studies/reviews to firm up the fact that LegalMatch ACM is a total marketing package, a centralized platform that easily doubles as a legal growth hack tool. We’ll actually settle by giving you the following attorney marketing growth hack solutions:

  • The ability to focus on your practice — to be able to create more opportunities to build up your law practice on a national level and covering the broad range of major legal fields, you need to have an effectively dependable marketing system. When you have this in place, it can lead to less competition for leads that other law firms might have access to through more traditional marketing methods.
  • Increased control over client selection control over client selection means choosing the most effective platforms for marketing to eliminate getting duds while eliminating the need for costly overhead in more traditional office visits and inquiries. An attorney-client matching service allows lawyers to gain more control over client selection. Access to more detailed inquiries allows them to be more selective in choosing clients and specific practice areas like bankruptcy or family law.
  • Enhanced revenue and more trackable ROI — attorney-client matching has allowed many lawyers to grow their practice at their own pace, without straining their resources or capabilities. More than that, inquiries received through the system are traceable and easier to manage too. LegalMatch has an unsurpassed system of revenue enhancement and tracking, and continuously studies new developments and technologies in attorney marketing to incorporate in this system. 
  • Optimized client matching above all else an effective ACM platform should have an optimized system of client matching. Such is the LegalMatch ACM system. This optimized matching system enables LegalMatch attorney members to save time by reviewing cases that are in line with their interests and expertise without spending too much time on lead generation and qualification.


One last thing as a way of reiteration is that LegalMatch is no longer in the pay-per-lead service. It is an attorney-client matching service which will provide unique and effective ways for more young starting lawyers, legal startups, small law firms or reviving practices to grow in the foreseeable future.

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