Fascinating Geeky Items You May Want To Own

Fascinating Geeky Items You May Want To Own

Valentines day is fast approaching but you still don’t have anything in mind to give to your loved ones. So, how good are you at choosing? If they prefer gadgets over the traditional flowers and chocolates,  you might want to check out these top-selling techie and geeky items.


  • 3D Fireworks Light Bulb
    This bulb emits colorful balls of light that seem like fireworks in 3D effect. It is noiseless, environmental friendly, glare-free and not damaging to the eyes. This can be used as home, café or bar; party, show, or wedding lighting.


  • GPS Heads Up Display for Cars
    This geeky display furnishes the driver with data collected from the vehicle’s A2 ECU. It calculates driving speed and offers precise real time data without taking the eyes off the front view of the road. Compatible with all trucks and cars, it is powered by 24V DC8 cigarette lighter.


  • Keyboard Waffle Iron
    This one-of-a-kind waffle maker makes you create waffles fashioned to look like your standard keyboard. The waffle iron is designed with maximum portability in mind. It is slim and lightweight and made from die-cast aluminum. It is easy to clean due to its non-stick coating.


  • Virtual Reality System – HTC VIVE
    Partnering with Valve, VIVE is armed with SteamVR service which provides its owners with hundreds of available games. The headset is adjustable as well as the eye relief to guarantee comfortable gaming experience. Its wireless controller allows for more freedom when playing and the best thing to note is that players don’t have to stand up all the time when into a game. You can have the same exciting gaming even when sitting down.


  • ICE Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker
    This speaker pairs up with a tablet or Smartphone with Bluetooth function. What makes this circular speaker looks amazing is it floats high above its base by means of magnets when in use. It spins to amplify the volume and made with a built-in sound guided code.


  • Floppy Disk Designed Silicone Coasters
    There’s nothing more that you can give to your friends than a set of coasters made out of silicone and patterned from yesteryear’s floppy disk. These are ideal thingies for both indoors or outdoors use. They come in neon green, hot pink, blue, or the universally-favored black.


  • Portal Mirrors
    This remotely-controlled oval-shaped wall mirror lights up with all known rainbow colors. The mirror is of high quality with a lighting cycle that ranges from color show, color fade, to strobe settings. The lights are dimmable or can be set to any preferred color as backlight.


  • LEGO Brick USB Flash Drive
    Flash drive technology plus the everlasting favorite LEGO design makes up for a perfect gift. The USB is encased in a LEGO brick and looks more of a LEGO toy than any other thing. It has a sliding cap that protects it while not in use. This can also be attached to your set of keys.


How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

After sending a number of job applications to several companies, you now have received a phone call for an interview. It is crucial to come prepared no matter what. Through preparation, you will have full control of your situation which will increase your chances of landing your dream job.


Prepare Yourself Physically

A physically drained body could sabotage your job interview. Our physical health contributes to our overall being, thus it is best to nurture it to fully function well. Here are some things you can do to prepare:


  • Nurture Your Body
    Make sure that you only eat healthy foods, especially brain foods, the whole week before the interview.


  • Stay Hydrated
    Our body needs water for survival. Staying hydrated regulates the temperature of our body thus allowing our bodies to function properly.


  • Exercise
    Grab those running shoes and stretch your joints and muscles. If you think exercise has nothing to do with it, you may have gotten it all wrong. Exercise releases endorphins and other chemicals that makes us feel good and think clearly.


Prepare Yourself Mentally

By doing so, you will be able to avoid panic during the interview day. While it’s definitely normal to get nervous, there are ways to stay calm amidst tension. Here are small ways to mentally prepare yourself before a job interview.


  • Talk To A Mentor
    If you have a friend who has already been working in the same industry, you may ask him or her for insights on what the interview might be.


  • Review Job Description
    You will more likely be nervous if you are uncertain of why you agreed for an interview in the first place. Remove money from the equation first and focus on how you can gain knowledge on what skills they require.


  • Get Interested
    One of the main reasons you’re looking for a job is because of the salary, but if you are not interested in the job itself, it might reflect during the interview. Make sure that you know what you are passionate about in the job that you are applying for.


  • Watch Relevant Videos 
    Get motivated by watching creative videos related to the job or industry. By doing so, your mind will be filled with things that are related to the job you are applying for.


  • Play Video Games
    While not all, most people find playing video games therapeutic. On the week of your preparation, play just the right amount of video games daily to stimulate your brain – but don’t overdo it either.


  • Take A Break From The City
    Taking your mind off of work once in a while can bring benefits to your mental health. If you have more time before an interview, make sure you spend a whole day for leisure in order to relax your mind.


Are you prepared for your job interview?