Geeky Topics to Talk About in 2019

Geeky Topics to Talk About in 2019

Geeks like to indulge themselves into their hobbies no matter what it is. From anime to video games, the geek culture will never run out of fun things to do. If you know you’re a geek and would want to get involved in the community, here are some topics you should learn to be able to start a conversation.


Self-Driving Cars

People are torn whether self-driving cars are efficient or just traffic nuances. Thanks to Elon Musk, those vehicles that drive themselves in movies and cartoons have become a reality. Sure, not all may appreciate it, but isn’t it amazing to think how far human beings have evolved? You don’t have to approve of self-driving cars to be a geek – you can disagree too. In order to blend in with the crowd, you have to be immersed in a topic rather than just simply watching, reading, or liking it.



Can you imagine living in a world with no Internet? Soon, a superfast fifth generation 5G will be starting to launch in some areas of the world. It promises an Internet speed 20x faster than what we have now. Think about how fast we can have everything at just the tip of our fingertips. Now this is one thing that geeks will love to talk about. You don’t have to get to the extremes, but learning about the topic would make you more likeable in the geek community.



If there’s one thing that Gaming hasn’t changed from old and new generations of geeks is their passion for video games. What’s even more interesting now is that there are multiple platforms for playing video games aside from the good ole arcade of the 80s. Various video games are available in consoles, mobile phones, personal computers, and VR. Another great thing about the new generation of video games is the high quality graphics that makes the game more realistic than ever.


Film & Television

Game of Thrones has come to an end but fanatics are still talking about it. Netflix’s Stranger Things is now the series that the geek community is hooked. Aside from TV shows, the film industry is also offering value to the fandom. From hype superhero movies to Disney’s live action adaptations, 2019 is one of the best year for movie and TV geeks.



Sounds old? Wrong! The geek community is not only about the use of technology but the content it brings. Up until now, literature is one of the oldest common denominator between geeks from all over the world. While romance and young adult novels may not exactly be the genre for geeks and nerds, classic literature and sci-fi novels are still quite popular in the community.


Geeks may have developed varying interest over the years, but one thing stays the same – passion. 


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