So You Don’t Want to Code Anymore?

So You Don’t Want to Code Anymore?

Weekends are the only time you feel alive. Other days, you’re dead.


Getting up at 6 AM is the most exciting thing ever, well, when you first started your job. Now, you’re dragged down by lethargy and just wish your life is over at every waking moment. Burnout is a clear signal that something is not right and that shouldn’t be ignored.


Quitting may not always be the answer though there is nothing wrong if you quit sometimes. Maybe there is a deeper problem within that you need to resolve. Or perhaps your job is something that clashes with your personal values.


When you’re not happy with being a programmer anymore, here are some possible alternatives.



Perhaps, this is the easiest thing to do when you don’t feel good about coding anymore. Quitting is not a sign of weakness. In fact, quitting may sometimes be a sign of strength and purpose. Staying in a place or with people who do not value you compromises your self-worth. Peace of mind can’t be bought with money or any material thing in this world. When your mental, emotional, or physical is at risk – quit. On a side note, don’t quit just yet unless you have a clear action plan on what to do after resigning.



If it’s the tasks your having struggles with and not the boss’ attitude, you may try to negotiate on your tasks. Don’t be afraid to speak up but be cautious of how you deliver it as well as it may send a different meaning to your boss. Not sure how to negotiate? Create a list of your current tasks and what you can only accomplish out of those piles of tasks. Explain yourself in an objective, non-retaliating manner calmly. Your boss will surely understand that a human being can only do so much.


Get Excited

Do you have something to look forward to after you clock out? Or you just throw yourself directly into the couch when you arrive home? They say that one key to a person’s happiness is having something to look forward to. Your life shouldn’t revolve around your 9-to-5 job. When you’re at the office, get things done. When you’re not at the office, don’t answer any emails, turn off work chat notifications, and forget about work. By doing so, your mind will be refreshed and you can focus more on the things that truly make you happy. Plan something exciting to do at work. If not, plan at least one short vacation at least once a month.


Your job doesn’t define you. If you’re not feeling good about coding anymore, that doesn’t mean you’re weak or a loser – it just means you’re human!


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