3 Simplest Mobile Apps for Maximizing your Personal Productivity

3 Simplest Mobile Apps for Maximizing your Personal Productivity

Productivity is a big word.


You hear it everywhere – at conferences, at YouTube vlogs, at work, and even at home. It seems like productivity is something that is required of us no matter what we do. Whether it’s a job or a hobby, we crave for that great sense of accomplishment. But why is it that being productive is easier said than done?  


Millennials have become obsessed with productivity. Their search for success has come to great lengths and has adopted to modern technology. With the latter being said, mobile apps for productivity are constantly being invented.


A person’s success will only depend on one’s own passion and hard-work. However, if we can use tools to speed up the process, why not? Here are the top three mobile apps of 2019 that can help you become more productive. And oh, did we say free?


  1. Google Calendar

    Not to be biased about it, but Google Calendar may have all the scope you’re looking for from a to-do list. It has various features that turns complex into simple. This app is already included in your Gmail account so you don’t have to create a separate account. Why use Google Calendar? We’d give you a million reasons, but in this list, we’ll just limit it to three.

    • It allows you to organize the different aspects of your life such as business, work, fitness, quality time with loved ones, or passion projects. You can create varying calendars and still use the same account.
    • It allows you to receive notifications on your desktop and on your phone. You can do this by choosing when and how you want to be notified.
    • It allows you to create a to-do list within a certain schedule. There’s no need for you to do it in a separate app if you wish to have it on the same platform.

  2. Trello

    Everybody is going crazy about the agile methodology. It is usually a project management method used in software development that allows cross-functional teams and the customer to work together in a flexible setting. One of agile’s practices include the Kanban – using cards to track every single process that makes up the whole project. Why use Trello? Here are some insights.

    • It allows you to manage all areas of your life including hobbies, bonding time with family and friends, and personal projects.
    • It allows you to break your big projects into small, doable chunks.

    • It allows you to organize not just your to-do lists but also anything under the sun, such as your vacation plan, your reading list, or your recipes.
  3. Google Keep

    Yes, it seems like Google can see through our challenges when it comes to productivity. One of its products, Keep, may not be like other apps that are too equipped for the corporate world. Keep is more casual and free thus allowing your free spirit to jot down anything you want in just a few seconds. This productivity app gives you the freedom to organize your daily agenda without overdoing it. At times, we are guilty of overplanning and overanalyzing things when in fact, we can just simplify it. Why use Google Keep? Here are some key reasons.

    • Think Keep is just some notes app? You might want to try it for yourself. It allows you to store not just text, but also audio, video, checklists, and photos.
    • It allows you to access your files anywhere, anytime using your Google account.
    • It allows you to organize your life fast and without overthinking.



If you search the Internet, there are productivity articles written to help individuals accomplish more and how to do it in the most efficient way. There are also thousands of apps that can help you achieve that productivity goal. However, the real measurement of your productivity only depends on what you want to accomplish personally and how willing are you to work on those goals.


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