4 Small Habits Every Junior Programmer Should Cultivate

4 Small Habits Every Junior Programmer Should Cultivate

A programmer’s job is never easy but there are ways to make it enjoyable and less daunting. One of the most valuable benefit of cultivating a habit is the amount of time saved. There are simple yet creative ways to make routines helpful. Routines may not always be dull as they seem.


Keep in mind that there are two types of habits – negative habits and positive habits. Of course, adopting positive habits will breed positive results, vice versa. That said, it’s best to start building habits that will be beneficial for both your career growth and personal growth.


The four small habits every junior programmer should cultivate include:



As a programmer, it is advisable to always move forward. In order for one to do so, one must be consistent in setting goals and accomplishing them. Through effective goal-setting, you will save yourself from procrastination, thus making valuable use of your time. If you are new to goal-setting, you may simply list 3 of the most important things you need to do the next day before you leave after work. That way, you’ll be more motivated, focused, and productive.



Confucius, a famous Chinese philosopher, once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Everyone needs money to function in everyday life. However, if the work we do becomes detrimental to our health because we force ourselves to go through this unbearable stress of loathing our job daily, we need to rethink our choices. No matter how much you earn if you do not have a sense of purpose for doing it apart from money, you’ll more likely burn out in the long run or sabotage your well-being.



Your desk job is not the only thing in life. You also deserve to unwind and do things that make you feel human and alive. Leisure can come in many forms including your lunch break, weekends, evenings, and vacation leaves. Make sure to be in full “vacation mode” during these times. By doing so, you can reflect on the things you truly want in life thus leaving you feeling energized and motivated.



Hone your skills and knowledge consistently. Don’t forget the importance of improving on your character and attitude as well as they are equally important as your marketable skills. By making learning a habit, you will feel more excited every time you come to work and put your newly-acquired knowledge to test. As a programmer, you may be fully aware of the fast-paced flow of technology. That said, consistent learning will keep you from being left behind.



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