5 Important People Who Shaped Modern Technology

5 Important People Who Shaped Modern Technology

Before humans experienced the comforts that technology has brought into our everyday lives, there were also great minds who worked hard behind it. And while not all these people are remembered, there were some who stood out. Some innovations were formed in a laboratory while some were formed in a college dorm.


What we enjoy today is impossible without the sacrifices and the undying passion of these technology leaders. Yes, some may have created those technology advances for their own profit, but hey, we also gain an enormous amount of benefits from those innovations – be it machinery or even social media.


Here are the top 5 most important people in technology of all time.


Charles Babbage

Known as the “Father of Computing,”  Babbage used his genius in various fields such as English, Math, and Mechanics to build the first ever mechanical computer which is considered as the first innovation of a programmable computer. Way back in the 1800s, Babbage did not get any funds for his work, thus causing a halt to what would be recognized later on as a working computer with polynomial functions.


Tim Berners-Lee

All hail the genius of Tim Berners-Lee. Berners-Lee has been credited for a crucial innovation that we wouldn’t think of not having today – yes, you got that right, the World Wide Web, which is the backbone of what we call today as the Internet. There may be other important and enjoyable things we can do without the Internet, but modern people just can’t imagine living in a world without it.


Marty Cooper

If it wasn’t for the huge box for telecommunication Marty Cooper invented, we wouldn’t be holding our sleek phones today. Cooper, along with his team at Motorola conceptualized an idea to fit all important technology into a single device of what we call today as smartphones. The first Motorola model was the Motorola DynaTAC which was of course not fashionable, but would later on become a necessity to our day to day agendas.


William Higginbotham

There wouldn’t be people called “gamers” and there wouldn’t be big Dota 2 tournaments if William Higginbotham hasn’t started this craze a long time ago. At first, there was really nothing fancy about what Higginbotham created. See, he’s a physicist who invented a game of tennis through technology. This game would later on be similar to the popular arcade game, Pong.


Mark Zuckerberg

Despite facing legal issues from the past few months, we cannot deny the fact that Zuckerberg brought social media to a whole new level. Of course, the first ever social media, SixDegrees have been created in the past, well so are thousands of other sites that served like social media. Nonetheless, Facebook tops them all. The majority of people nowadays, both young and old, see Facebook as a necessity, and not just for personal use, but it is now also highly useful in business.


Without the people who shaped modern technology, humanity may not have advanced. But where would these technologies lead us? We never know.


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