How Programmers use their Problem-Solving Skills in Everyday Life

How Programmers use their Problem-Solving Skills in Everyday Life

Programmers are not robots, they’re people too!


That being said, they also encounter struggles like which school should their children go, what clothes to wear for a dinner date, or how to pay the bills. Part of a programmer’s job is to solve problems and because of that, they tend to apply it naturally in their daily lives as well. One way or another, a programmer’s job to solve problems is never done.


If you’re a programmer and you’re wondering how to apply your skills in programming to your real life skills, here’s how.


Programmers Value Companionship

As a programmer, you do understand that you can’t do everything alone. Same goes for the real world. You understand the value of partnerships, friendships, and love because everything seems easier and better when you have  a companion. In a workplace setting, you know how crucial it is to have a cooperative team just as it is in life.


Programmers Solve One Thing at a Time

Multitasking, although encouraged by most employers, is not recommendable. If anything, it only increases panic and decreases the value of an output. On contrast, we also have real problems in the real world, that if we try to solve everything all at ones, only leads to disaster. Tackle one thing at a time until you resolve everything. Put off instant gratification and focus more on delivering productive and effective results. Additionally, looking at a problem as a whole would stress you out and make you anxious. In order to avoid that, learn to focus on one actionable task at a time.


Programmers are not Afraid to Try

What programmers do when coding is that, when their code doesn’t work, they try another one, then another one, and another one. They know that they can’t just solve it just once each time. In real life, failure brings us down and so we don’t bother trying anymore at all. Just because life knocks you down once doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying. Maybe there are other answers to your problems that may just be right under your nose that you can’t find if you don’t look hard enough.


Programmers Look Ahead

While they don’t have the ability to see the future, they have skills to look ahead and plan their actions and resources accordingly. These skills can be applied to various aspects of our lives from finance to relationships. Additionally, having something to look forward to would lessen your chances of procrastination and anxiety. 


Next time you’re stuck in a problem, you know what to do.


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