How to Switch from Manual Testing to Automation

How to Switch from Manual Testing to Automation

Momentum, even in software testing practices, is quite hard to control.


For instance, you’re used to doing manual testing – you can’t just automatically switch to automated testing the next day. Even the most skilled testers also have to learn from scratch most of the time. Companies nowadays hire testers who are already experienced in automation. 


That said, here’s the first important thing you should do.


Set Your Mind

Anything is always impossible if your mind is not ready for it in the first place. Instead of ranting about how the corporate world makes like more complicated, try to have a growth mindset. Having a fixed mindset is believing that everything is set in stone, hence you can’t do anything about it. Growth mindset on the other hand, is focusing on what you can control (which is yourself), and believing that you can improve it. Paradigm shift, other people’s behavior, the weather are all out of your control, therefore you shouldn’t worry about it and instead focus on what you can do yourself. As technology evolves, so does software testing. Fresh graduates can be more adaptable to new technology and automation. And if you are used to manual testing, your competition is tough. That being said, attitude is important.


Let’s continue.


Improve Daily

You can’t expect your boss to spoon feed knowledge and skills to you – you have to do it yourself! Think about how much you want to have this job. It can easily be taken away from you if you don’t move from where you are. If possible, get hands-on experience on any skills that can contribute to your career. The needs of every industry is constantly involving, and if you’re content with what you already know, you’ll get stucked for life. Continuous improvement not only widens your perspective of the world, it also helps you gain better opportunities and increase your quality of life.


Dedicate to Coding

Ten years ago, you might have a hard time finding resources for learning. Nowadays, it’s like there’s no more excuses for us not to learn. There are valuable, free or cheap learning sources online that can help you master coding. Codcademy, Udemy, and Data Camp are just three of the top go-to sites for learning how to code. Remember that it doesn’t just stop there, you have to get out there and put your skills to test even if the pay is just minimal at first. Through time, your career will be much better than not learning how to code at all.


Get Active in QA

Maybe the reason why it seems difficult to learn test automation is that you’re trapped in your own little world. When you try to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world of QA, you will find insights and inspiration. Additionally, you can also impart your wisdom to those who are struggling like you were once before. The world doesn’t just revolve on you. As social beings, no matter how introverted some of us are, we need human connection and belongingness. Put yourself out there and get active in the QA community.


Taking your career into the next level takes dedication and passion.


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