Is 30 Too Old to Start a Software Development Career?

Is 30 Too Old to Start a Software Development Career?

So you’re turning 30 or maybe you’re in your 30’s and it feels like a career in software development is calling you. Based on our society’s norms, it is tough to start over in your 30’s but it’s never impossible. Instead of worrying about your age, start putting yourself out there and get that dream job.


But before you do, there are a few things that you might want to consider since a tech job may be one of the most challenging job out there.



While there are countless software developers working in both small and large firms in their 30’s or 40’s, most companies nowadays are hiring the new wave of programmers because they are believed to be more knowledgeable of newer technologies. The job market for tech jobs ten years ago differ from the present day market. In order to keep up, keep tabs of what skills companies are looking for and try to add them to your skillset. Also, while you’re at it, it’s best to gain experience whether through coding camps or through freelance work.



The best way to pursue what you want is just to pause and ignore what everyone else is telling you for a while. You can only ask for advice but the decision is always yours. If you really want to do software development, then you are free to do so. No one can tell you what you can and can’t do as long as it’s not something punishable by law of course. Even if the going gets rough, you need to push yourself to see if this is something that’s really meant for you. If it brings you satisfaction, go further, if not, then pause and reconsider and try again.



It’s great to have dreams. However, our dreams are oftentimes exaggerated in our own imagination that we forget to add reality to the equation. One way to be realistic while reaching your goals is being able to predict setbacks and prepare yourself so when that day comes, you won’t be caught off guard. Know your limitations and don’t let your excitement guide your logic. Acknowledge that starting out in your 30’s is never easy. Thus, you have to make yourself stronger. There are several ways to do this such as talking to a mentor, getting hands on experience, learning, and meeting people who have the same struggles as you.



You may be earning a six-digit salary in your previous job but that doesn’t mean that you will be earning the same rate when you switch careers. If you think your savings is stable enough to support you for the next six months, then you can risk taking on the software development route since tech jobs will pay higher in the long run. Another option is to continue doing your current job then do extra paid work on the side as a programmer. This way, you will be prepared for when you decide to quit your present job.


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